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‘m back from one of the longest blogging breaks I’ve ever been on (I haven’t posted since March 3d, eek!), but with good reason! My life became a bit of a whirlwind in the spring, since I was gearing up for my own wedding, honeymoon and summer wedding marathon. We’ve had high highs and low lows with the former outweighing the latter, but I needed some time to let everything sink in and land on my feet. 

One thing I’ve realised in my blogging hiatus is that I definitely don’t plan to stop posting on this website anytime soon. I’d even say I need it now more than ever, since (like many others) I’ve become a bit annoyed by social media and find myself a bit stuck. Over the years I’ve made many lovely connections on Instagram, but the channel is just too limiting to tell “the whole story” and I do get frustrated from time to time. So here we are, september. Back to routine (as far as my life ever falls into a routine), back to my own platform, back to my own rules. Over the next few months I have a lot of travel content planned, as well as more details from our wedding. But I’m starting tomorrow with a Helsinki city guide from a press trip last spring! Thanks for sticking around, I really appreciate it (and boy have I missed you)!


Wearing: MbyM top (gifted) // Bimba y Lola earrings // Ferragamo sunnies // Jane Iredale lipstick (gifted)// Essie Nailpolish

Images by Eline Sturm