Introducing Eline!

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Introducing Eline Sturm -Images (c) Eline Sturm


my name is Eline and I’m doing a internship with Patricia! So we thought it might be good to introduce myself.

I want to be a student forever. Learning is growing. Personal development and experience are very important to me and of course my curious and creative mind.

Always wondering why the things are the way they are. That is why I’m also very fascinated with history. The philosophy and culture is basically everything where we stand for today right?

I love to paint ‘en plein air’, especially in the spring or summer when the nature is blowing and growing. This is also something that’s always on my ‘to do more list’. And when the days are colder than it is the right moment to go hiding in a good book or go to a  museum.

But when I am on vacay with my boyfriend Youp we lose track of time. We go somewhere and also nowhere. To drive under a sky full of stars and get completely lost in the moment. A tradition of ours is to go to a bakery every morning and eat our croissant with a very black coffee no matter which country we are.

This is me!

Big fan of Jacquemus. Collector of postcards. Science Fiction is my guilty pleasure.

And some of my photography, styling and artwork that I would like to show you!

Introducing Eline Sturm -Images (c) Eline Sturm


Introducing Eline Sturm -Images (c) Eline Sturm

The Biocape

In the winter days human desires to spring. The desire of the first flowers that come out of the ground. And that desire is what I wanted to satisfy. I created a cape that can give you the life of the spring. The cape lives from body heat that is captured between the plastic where I have sown some plant seeds. The plastic creates a greenhouse effect. Also in the plastic I have made some holes that is where the rain comes in and where the plants come out.


If you want to see more work of mine THIS link will get you to my portfolio.

So I’m hoping that you will like my posts, and I’m sure that I will learn a lot here!