Playing Dress Up With Nathalie

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Trench, dungarees, oxblood handbag

On a quiet saturday evening I had a great idea while watching The Big Lebowski. You see, blogger friend Nathalie and myself, we share the same dress size and shoe size. How fun would it be to play dress up and do some outfit posts with each other’s clothes? I texted her immediately and the next day I was over at her place picking out an outfit.

I loved looking around Nathalie’s closet, which is smaller than I would have expected but consists almost exclusively of statement pieces! This resulted in two outfits, and this is the first. Something I wouldn’t easily buy myself? Dungarees. Ah, a challenge! I loved the combo of the neon sweater and pretty oxblood Wolf by Sofie Claes bag, a perfect match with Nathalie’s Magdalena Brooch. So what’s the verdict? Can I get away with it?

Neon Sweater, vintage trench, dungarees and geometric brooch.

Vintage trench, dungarees and oxblood bag


Black pumps

All pictures by Nathalie

Vintage coat// Zara Sweater// Asos Dungarees// Wolf by Sofie Claes Bag // Magdalena Brooch // Asos pumps