10 Fun Facts about Mistresses

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I can only really enjoy television drama when there’s a little humorous sauce poured over it. That’s why I like Orange is the New Black and Hart of Dixie. It’s also the reason why I used to be a big fan of Desperate Housewives. I must admit I was more than a little sad to see that show end, and for the longest time I felt there wasn’t a proper replacement for it.

Enter fellow ABC show Mistresses, albeit less suburban and more glamorous, but it’s the closest any show has come to fill the hole Desperate Housewives has left in my heart (dramatic, moi?). It’s witty and current, and dives into the lives of four women to look at their relationships from all different perspectives. It also vaguely reminds me of Lipstick jungle and Cashmere Mafia, two shows that got cancelled before they even properly started, but I have high hopes for this one. Is it the best show in the history of television? No. Is it highly addictive and entertaining? You bet!

In the US, Mistresses just finished their second season, but in Belgium Vijf just started showing the first season on tuesdays at 22:25. Missed it? Watch it here.

Home Renovation: Bathroom Progress

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Ta-daaa, we have a bathroom! Or at least, we have about 60 percent of the bathroom we had in mind. The floors are done, the marble wall is all done (it’s statuarietto by Il Granito and looks damn dreamy), the faucets are installed and oh, our kingsize tub too. So gone baby gone are the days of washing ourselves in buckets, and I’m pretty happy with that.

On the to do list: fix the tub (it’s leaking a bit), install the shower and hang a shower curtain and hang the basin. Then all that needs to be done is install the skirting board and well, paint! Here’s a look at how the space is transforming. To see the before, click here.


10 fun facts about Orange is the new Black

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In just two seasons Orange is the New Black has become a true classic. The show has done a great job portraying life in women’s prison as written down by Piper Kerman in her bestselling 2010 memoir of the same name describing a year as an inmate. The in-depth portrayals of the prisoners in their current micro world are backed up by their stories,  and alternated with scenes from the outside world where life goes on as usual make this show a mix with a brilliant comi-tragic feel. Did I mention the ton of witty references? Oh the witty references!

I love that the stories are expertly sketched to make a detailed world. The show’s creators obsess over the seemingly irrelevant little details. They take the time to outline everything. And it works. These are some fun facts on the show which made me love it even more.

10 Fun Facts about The Office US

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Because of my recent Mindy Kaling addiction, I finally picked up watching the Office US. I got hooked pretty quickly and 7 seasons later, that dysfunctional little office almost seems like an on screen family to me. Great stuff. I really enjoyed the fun fact list I did on Modern Family and decided to make it a regular thing. So here’s 10 fun facts about The Office US!


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Yesterday’s outfit had a whole lot of red going on, but I must say I love the color. Sometimes this provides some difficulties getting dressed, because I also tend to wear a lot of black and I feel like goth is really not my style. Enter the printed scarf and my favorite shoes, the Giuseppe Zanotti glitter boots to sort out that situation.

Black coat, red top, Acne jeans and Giuseppe Zanotti glitter boots

“Red” also makes me think of Orange is the new black, the TV-show which I finally started (and finished) watching after many recommendations from my friends. I must say that even though I felt it coming watching the episode, the end of the season finale completely knocked me off my feet. Great show.
Black coat, red top, Acne jeans and Giuseppe Zanotti glitter boots

Black coat, red top, Acne jeans and Giuseppe Zanotti glitter boots

Giuseppe Zanotti glitter boots

Mardi Jeudi coat // Mardi Jeudi top// Acne Jeans // Giuseppe Zanotti boots // River Island scarf // Earrings from Barcelona

PS: Orange is the New Black reminded me of this video, which I already shared on all my social media platforms and show my friends every time I can. It’s about the representation of women in the media this year and features a whole lot of “usual suspects” like music videos and ads but please do me a favor and watch it all the way to the end. And don’t read the comments, or on second thought please do. It brilliantly illustrates the situation. I don’t understand how feminism to so many people (men and women) means “women wanting to rule over men”. Or that it means you believe men are never disadvantaged. Or that it means you don’t know racism exists. Or hunger. Or war. I spotted a #firstworldproblems in those comments. Equality and respect would be nice, for every living human being on the planet. And yes, I know I’m talking about a utopia but we can at least f*cking try.

Weekend Tip: The Antwerp Pop Up Route

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It seems that this year the Holiday season sparked a series of pop ups here in Antwerp, something I can’t say I mind. In our current economical climate it is a way for new concepts to blossom and grow, without too much financial risk, much needed if you ask me.

So this weekend, head on over to Antwerp and visit these three pop up concepts in town, I’m betting you won’t regret it!

1. The Plantshop

The Plantshop

The lovely folks of Baroness O. teamed up with fashion designer Sofie Claes for a wonderful contemporary pop up shop at the Vlasmarkt. You can buy the items from the Baroness O. webshop, the designs of Sofie Claes, Magazines curated by Not too Arty and yes, also plants!

The Plantshop

Baroness O. and Sofie have created a wonderful home mist (€ 40) and hand- and bodylotion (€ 20) for the occasion in collaboration with Louison Libertin. And it does not stop there, the Plantshop also hosts dinners on thursday and breakfasts on sunday, and is also open for coffee. A must see!

The Plantshop

Thu, Fri, Sat &  Sun

Vlasmarkt 30
2000 Antwerp

Until the end of December

2. Forrrest and the First Cup Launch

First Cup product launch

Coffeeklatch is most definitely one of my favorite stops on the internet. Magali and Bart have teamed up with LMBRJK, the subject of their latest Coffeeklatch, and are launching “First Cup” this saturday. This is also the start of the Forrrest pop up store, where 20 unique products will be sold for the holidays.

First Cup

First Cup launch:
Sat 14/12

Braziliëstraat 23
2000 Antwerp

3. Moss


This weekend, Coffee bar Viktor is the place to shop unique paper goods, arts, jewelry, textiles, accessories and vintage furniture. Another great excuse to do some Christmas shopping (for others AND yourself).

Sat 14/12
Sun 15/12

2000 Antwerpen


Images 1,2 and 3 by Baroness O., Image 4 and 5 by Coffeeklatch and  image 6 by Moss.

10 Fun Facts About Modern Family

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10 fun facts about modern family

I recently got an e-mail about Modern Family. I have to say, these are my favorite kind of e-mails: “We’ve noticed on twitter that you’re a fan.”. If I could write a small review about the fourth season of the award winning comedy show? Don’t mind if I do. You see, the fourth season of Modern Family has just been released on DVD here in Belgium. Perfect for cosy nights in, general laughs or gifting under the Christmas tree.

I’ve been a Modern Family fan for a while now, I just love everything about the show. The mockumentary style of filming, bombshell Gloria, Manny’s wisdom beyond his years, Luke’s stupid remarks, Phil’s dad jokes. And Cam. Oh dear Cam… And what I think I love most is that I don’t really have a favorite character in the show, I just like the whole happy dysfunctional family.

Modern Family

In season 4, Haley goes off to college, Jay turns 65 while Gloria is expecting their first baby, Cam becomes a music teacher and Mitchell becomes a stay at home dad. A recipe for disaster/comedy if there ever was one.

While I’m on the subject of Modern Family, I thought it would be nice to share some trivia! Here goes…

The Photography of Emily Shur

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Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling

While browsing pinterest for pictures of my new girl crush Mindy Kaling (credit to Katrin for that one), I came across the lovely work of Emily Shur. Shur is an American photographer who takes amazing pictures varying from sports and portraits to fashion and entertainment. I simply love her celebrity portraits and fresh use of colour. Seeing the wide array of celebrities in her portfolio, I was kind of flabbergasted that I hadn’t heard about her before. I mean, seriously, her portfolio! Also, read this and try not to fall in love. Some of my favourites!

Ed Helms

Ed Helms

Aubrey Plaza & Eric Stonestreet

 Aubrey Plaza & Eric Stonestreet


Goldie Hawn


Cats at a pool in LA


Nick Offerman


The cast of Arrested Development

Glow (Inspired by James Turrell)

Glow (Inspired by James Turrell)

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

You like? Check out her complete entertainment portfolio here!

All pictures (c) Emily Shur

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry

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12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry

I’ve always found it such a pity to have your beautiful jewelry stored away in closets and drawers. To me, it makes it more difficult to accessorize in the mornings, so I tend to keep everything where I can see it: in bowls, hanging on the walls and in clear boxes. I arrange my jewelry based on how often I tend to wear it. Some pieces I want to keep but don’t tend to grab easily I keep in tin boxes or sugar pots, so they serve a decorative and functional purpose.

Trough the years I’ve learned to keep extra bowls etc around the house. On my nightstand for example, for when I take my jewelry off at night. Here are some snaps from around my house.

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry// bracelet holder

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry // Bracelet holder

 A sleek black cat doubles as a bracelet holder

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry // storage ideas

 Jewelry dish on the nightstand

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry

Something like a simple pin is perfect for hanging earrings

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry

 My favorite tin box and bangles in a glass bowl

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry

Muji storage

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry

A sugar cup from my grandparents & a flamingo statue I found at a flea Market

I plan to share the rest of my wardrobe soon, before we move and I get to decorate my dressing exactly as I want to. So I thought it would be fun to explore some other ideas I came across when looking for inspiration. Here goes…


1. Mannequins

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry// The glamourai jewelry storage on Mannequins

Life sized mannequins, especially antique ones, can be a beautiful way to showcase some of your favorite necklaces. They’re also great for displaying belts or maybe a special piece of clothing. I used to do this as a teenager with my Mom’s wedding dress and a twenties dress I bought that must have belonged to a servant or a boarding school girl or something: pieces I liked to own but didn’t really wear.

2. Wood Branches

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry // Wood branches

Small branches are also great to display necklaces. I like the idea of spray painting them gold and hanging them on the wall, but arranging them in a vase or assembling them on a block of wood could also work well.

3. Antlers

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry // Antlers

You’re getting the idea right? Anything that could be used to hang something works. Like Antlers. I’m looking at this for my new dressing room, I really like the feel and would love a collection of vintage antlers on my walls. We’re moving next spring so the search has definitely begun.

4. Clear boxes

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry // clear boxes

Clear boxes give you the opportunity to stack things and compartmentalize without losing your general overview. Muji has great acrylic storage items, including soe things specifically for jewelry. I also bumped into this lovely Anthropologie jewelry box the other day. Maybe a little less convenient, but oh so pretty.

5. Look in the kitchen

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry

I have a lot of teacups, glass cups and plates I collected over the years. Some were bought in sets for teatime, some were bought seperately with decorating in mind and some (the ones I love most) I got from my grandparents. You don’t really use these items each and every day and even when you do, you don’t need every teacup or plate. So I think it’s a great way to showcase these items, they remind me of my grandparents or the trips I took them from every time I look at them.

6. Knobs and hooks

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry// antlers & knobs jewelry display

Simple and efficient. I love antique and glass knobs. Nice on the wall or a piece of drift wood!

7. Jewelry & lingerie boxes

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry // Hermes box

You know the kind of boxes you get with beautiful accessories that you don’t want to throw away? Anything Hermes or Chanel or Miu Miu for example: great packaging, easy on the eyes. Why not use them to store your bracelets?


12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry // Song of style

Another storage solution straight from the kitchen: use wine bottles to store your bracelets. Aimee from Song of Style uses them as they are, but to add an extra touch, you could spraypaint them all white or a flashy colour. Easy and cheap.

9. Sculptures

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry// Rumi Neely, Fashion Toast

Sculptures in all shapes and sizes are great to store rings, bracelets and necklaces. I have a flamingo for rings and a cat for bracelets!

10. Bell Jar

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry // Bell jar

For dramatic impact, you can display your showstopping pieces under a bell jar. Maybe even in your living room!

11. Get crafty

Also still a great way to hang your earrings: the combination of an old spraypainted frame, some chicken wire and a heavy duty stapler. This works well for necklaces, earrings and even sunglasses. Another thing I used to do is cut up plastic bottles in circles and heat up a metal skewer to perforate the plastic. Attach it to your ceiling and voila: a great earring holder.

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry // Crafty

12. Platters

Platters are an easy way to keep things separated and organized. Sometimes the easiest solutions are the best!


12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry // antlers & mannequin

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry // teacups

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry // antlers

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry // teacups & plates

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry


12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry // teacups

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry // Bell Jar

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry // Plates and teacups

12 Beautiful Ways To Store Your Jewelry // Antlers

The first 8 pictures are my own // The Glamourai // Obaz // Unknown // Stephanie Sterjovski // My bedroom last year via Flair Magazine, first seen here //  A beautiful mess// Oohla frou frou // Song of style  // Fashion Toast// Glamour // Babble // Chloe Rose// Burke decor// Cupcakes and Cashmere// The Girls of Lincoln Park // Belle West // Unknown //Bon vivant and a budget//  Ariannabelle//  Pixels + Pumps // Pottery Barn // Bon vivant and a budget // megan brooke handmade