Picking out our new sofa

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allieHi guys! Our new Sofaompany acquisition has just arrived, and I’m super excited!

Dieter and I have been very into the velvet trend from day one so a while back we decided it was time to add some more velvet to our own life. So after a lot of online research, we headed over to the Sofacompany showroom in Antwerp to pick out our dose of velvet. So I thought id would be fun to show you the three options we considered before making our final choice (which you may or may not have spotted on Instagram stories when we picked it out).

Leen’s Colourful Palace in Borgerhout

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hat to say about this house guys! Wow. I remember meeting Leen quite clearly, because she has the most distinctive personal style and I instantly loved it. Everyone always wants their style to be unique and special, but Leen’s really is, in a way that I could never see anyone else pull off her clothes in a way that she does. Except for Fran Fine and Grandma Yetta, who she says are her style icons.


I had a sneaking suspicion that Leen’s home would be equally intruiging as I caught some glimpses in Instagram pictures. So on one hot spring day last month I went over and was quite blown away. Not only by the proportions of the house, because this home has The Highest Ceilings, but most of all by the bold choices Leen and her boyfriend Kurt have made in the house. I was so overwhelmed by all the awesomeness going on that I feel I didn’t quite capture everything, probably because I was admiring the couple’s record collection, books and impressive closet space just a little too much.

Around the House #6

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Hi guys! I’m back from Mexico and can’t wait to show you more of our trip!  It’s been one to remember, especially because Dieter and I came back engaged! Wowza! But more on that later, I’m rewinding a bit further to show you some changes in our home.

If you follow me on Instagram stories, you may have seen me freak out about not knowing what to do with this room right here. You see, I started painting it in Farrow & Ball Hague Blue a while back, when it was still our bedroom. We always envisioned our bedroom to be a bit of a “suite” situated next to our closet space, with only the necessities: a bed, nightstands and my vanity table. The bigger room/second bedroom served as an office for both Dieter and myself, as the smaller room was way too small for two people who work from home.

Postcards from Mexico City

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Mexico City - Luis Barragan Casa Gilardi - No Glitter No Glory


i guys, just taking a moment to check in from Mexico City! With the exception of a jetlagged first day, the trip has been beautiful and super inspiring, everything I’d hoped it would be! Mexico City is such a vibrant place, and its been wonderful discovering everything from the food to the culture, the architecture, the museums, the tropical plants… Here are some impressions from the first days of our trip, more on my Instagram and my boyfriend‘s  (or under the hashtag #ngngmexico)

Blue Summer Table & Iittala Giveaway

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Blue Summer Table with Pink Peonies // No Glitter No Glory


ast week we had some tropical temperatures here in Belgium. The kind of weather that makes you want to sip rosé until late and talk endlessly about life with friends. Luckily for me I teamed up with Iittala to host a cosy dinner party in light of their Reset The Table campaign. So on thursday I put on some Latin music, cleaned my house, shopped some fresh ingredients and the aforementioned rosé and some beautiful pink and red summer flowers to contrast the beautiful dotted blue Teema plates from Iittala. (Which you can win later today on my Instagram!)
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Sarah’s Moody Antwerp Abode

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Sarah's Wonderful Moody Antwerp Abode // Living room in Farrow and Ball Hague Blue


y friend Sarah’s one bedroom in Antwerp is quite something. She spent so much time meticulously planning the decoration of her home during the remodel that my jaw litteraly dropped when I first walked in there. Her place looked as if she’d lived in it for years, not weeks, and everything seemed so finished I started to feel jealous thinking of the unfinished corners in my own home. Three years in the making and there was my bathroom radiator, still leaning up against the wall, mocking me from the back of my mind.Sarah's Wonderful Moody Antwerp Abode // Living room in Farrow and Ball Hague Blue

Ready for Summer

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I feel I’ve been in a spiral of busy weeks, sometimes unable to tell weekdays from weekends, working late, skipping meals and neglecting daily chores. I’m constantly trying to keep up and feel overwhelmed by the thought of some e-mails I had to answer days, or even weeks ago. I am my own boss an consequently I’m the only one to blame but honestly, it always scares me how easy it is to lose track of the things that really matter and take care of your physical and mental health.


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Hi Guys! Oh it’s been so long, and oh how I’ve missed blogging. The past weeks have been a bit rough on me but there have been many fun projects to make up for it. One of them the art direction and installation of a window at LN Knits’ flagshipstore to kick off Cointreau’s #1orange1tree project in Belgium.Cointreau_1orange1tree_(c)PatriciaGoijens_22

Cointreau and Liberty London designed a luxurious gift box, made out of carved wood based on a beautiful orange print by Liberty London. The launch of this limited edition coffret is also the launch of their reforestation campaign #1orange1tree. For every gift box sold, Cointreau plants no less than 50 orange trees in Senegal, and for every selfie posted with the hashtag #1orange1tree (+a nomination to participate) Cointreau plants 1 tree in Senegal. That means you can plant a tree from the comfort of your own home, what are you waiting for!?

Remember Me?

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mbyM trench, DVF bag, pistol boots // no glitter no glory


i Folks! Remember me? Or better yet, remember my face, haha? It’s been a while since I posted my last outfit post. November 2015 to be exact. So I thought that I’d pick up where I left off, and that’s with a really really really good trench coat.

In the past few years I feel my personal style has become a lot more grown up, but perhaps also a lot more basic. I love classic, versatile pieces I can wear over and over again and don’t have to think too much about, so a lot more neutrals have found their way into my closet. This mbyM trench has been glued to my body ever since I got it, but on this particular day I combined it with a jacket from the new Polienne x Vila festival campaign featuring my friend Paulien (remember her home tour here?). It became a perfect outfit for a dinner and cocktails with friends, one of those first sunny days that energize you and makes you feel like new. Hope you guys enjoyed the first spring days!