Wardrobe details: Miu Miu Loafers

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miu miu studded loafers

Miu Miu studded loafers

New in my wardrobe and absolutely loving them: these Miu Miu studded loafers. I’d seen these shoes before but couldn’t buy them because of the price, but last week I spotted them over at Labellov in my size. Meant to be, right? Have a happy monday! x

Modcloth Uniquely You Challenge

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2014 is a great excuse for trying new things, so when Amy from Modcloth reached out to see if I wanted to take part in their ‘Uniquely You’ styling challenge, I thought this would be a great new thing to try! Both at my job and for myself and my friends, I love styling, so it’s kind of a pity I haven’t really done this on the blog.
The basic idea is that the E-tailer challenges selected bloggers to style Modcloth items their way. Modcloth then selects their favorite and shares it on their own Polyvore page! So here goes: the item we had to style was the very summery “In the Key of Chic” Dress. A polkadot number that perfectly fits the Modcloth style. I decided to throw in my favorite hues of all time favorites mint and teal, a dash of my beloved red and the style of sunglasses I tend to wear again and again and again. I’m ready for a springtime garden party, yes I am!
Modcloth Uniquely You Challenge

Bea Dot sparkly dress, €91 / Red slip, €48 / Striped flat, €50 / Chain purse, €27 / Wedding jewellery, €11 / Green pendant, €12 / Tortoise sunglasses, €8,77

Weekend Tip: The Antwerp Pop Up Route

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It seems that this year the Holiday season sparked a series of pop ups here in Antwerp, something I can’t say I mind. In our current economical climate it is a way for new concepts to blossom and grow, without too much financial risk, much needed if you ask me.

So this weekend, head on over to Antwerp and visit these three pop up concepts in town, I’m betting you won’t regret it!

1. The Plantshop

The Plantshop

The lovely folks of Baroness O. teamed up with fashion designer Sofie Claes for a wonderful contemporary pop up shop at the Vlasmarkt. You can buy the items from the Baroness O. webshop, the designs of Sofie Claes, Magazines curated by Not too Arty and yes, also plants!

The Plantshop

Baroness O. and Sofie have created a wonderful home mist (€ 40) and hand- and bodylotion (€ 20) for the occasion in collaboration with Louison Libertin. And it does not stop there, the Plantshop also hosts dinners on thursday and breakfasts on sunday, and is also open for coffee. A must see!

The Plantshop

Thu, Fri, Sat &  Sun

Vlasmarkt 30
2000 Antwerp

Until the end of December

2. Forrrest and the First Cup Launch

First Cup product launch

Coffeeklatch is most definitely one of my favorite stops on the internet. Magali and Bart have teamed up with LMBRJK, the subject of their latest Coffeeklatch, and are launching “First Cup” this saturday. This is also the start of the Forrrest pop up store, where 20 unique products will be sold for the holidays.

First Cup

First Cup launch:
Sat 14/12

Braziliëstraat 23
2000 Antwerp

3. Moss


This weekend, Coffee bar Viktor is the place to shop unique paper goods, arts, jewelry, textiles, accessories and vintage furniture. Another great excuse to do some Christmas shopping (for others AND yourself).

Sat 14/12
Sun 15/12

2000 Antwerpen


Images 1,2 and 3 by Baroness O., Image 4 and 5 by Coffeeklatch and  image 6 by Moss.

Messy Bob Inspiration

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In september, I chopped off my long hair after a couple ombre treatments left my ends vulnerable and dry. After “saving” my hair for five years, I was a bit anxious to take the plunge, but now I couldn’t be happier. Shorter hair means more volume and less split ends, and feels more current and playful. One of the better beauty-related decisions of the year.

Messy blunt bob inspiration // Lilly Colins

Messy Blunt Bob Inspiration // Alexa Chung

Messy Blunt Bob Inspiration // Liu Wen

Messy Blunt Bob Inspiration // Gwyneth Paltrow

Messy Blunt Bob Inspiration

Messy Blunt Bob Inspiration // Keira Knightley

Messy Blunt Bob Inspiration // Marion Cotillard

Messy Blunt Bob Inspiration

Messy Blunt Bob Inspiration // Nicole Richie

Messy Blunt Bob Inspiration // Alexa Chung

Messy Blunt Bob Inspiration // Karlie Kloss

Messy Blunt Bob Inspiration

Messy Blunt Bob Inspiration

Messy Blunt Bob Inspiration

Messy Blunt Bob Inspiration // Katherine McPhee

Messy Blunt Bob Inspiration // Zanita

Messy Blunt Bob Inspiration // Keira Knightley

Messy Blunt Bob Inspiration

I am not Lindsey Lohan // Lilly Colins via Harper’s Bazaar // Alexa Chung via The Vandallist // Liu Wen via Google Gwyneth Paltrow via Ravepad // Box No 216 // Fuck yeah Keira Knightley// Marion Cotillard via Pretty designs//  Daria Daria // Nicole Richie via Google// I love nice things // Karlie Kloss via Pretty designs// We the people // Wet paint //Hello It’s Valentine// Katherine McPhee via Pretty designs// Zanita // Keira Knightley via Pretty designs//My own chop via Instagram

No Glitter No Glory Custom Necklace

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Custom silver necklace from Anne Zellien x Twikit

When I got an e-mail from the people over at the Antwerp based start up Twikit saying I could customize my own Anne Zellien Necklace, I didn’t doubt for a second. The e-mail came together with the birth of this new blog here, and I knew exactly what I wanted my necklace to say: no glitter no glory. A conversation starter and my new mantra, all in one.

Custom silver necklace from Anne Zellien x Twikit

Since I received the necklace, I haven’t gone a day without wearing it and it has received many compliments. Another plus is that it works well with the Wouters & Hendrix necklace I wear every single day, I quite like the mix of silver and gold. I have to say that these pictures don’t even do the necklace justice, it is just oh so pretty in real life. Can you tell I’m in love?

Custom silver necklace from Anne Zellien x TwikitCustom silver necklace from Anne Zellien x Twikit

You can design your own necklace on Twikit.com. The standard necklace costs € 128,- and can be made in ten days!

All The Small Things

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In the spirit of new beginnings, I’ve decided to rename “On my mind”  “All the small things”. Because that’s essentially what I want to share here: the small things in life that make me happy! Plus it’s a chance to name something after a Blink 182 song. This is what’s been making me smile lately.

1. Lily and the Lady pops up at Snip.Snip

On sunday, my online shop turned into an offline one for a day last sunday at Snip.Snip! I had so much fun and it was a real success, I’m still buzzing a bit!  You can find more pictures here!

Lily and the Lady pops up at Snip.Snip, Antwerp

Lily and the Lady at Snip.Snip pop up

Lily and the lady pop up store at Snip.Snip, Antwerp

 Pictures (c) Nathalie De Schepper

2. The cute cups Cara gave me

My dear friend Cara is the queen of Vintage, as I already told you here. For my birthday, she gave me some vintage teacups that are both futuristic and nostalgic. Makes drinking coffee even better!


3. New Essie nail polish

You rarely catch me without nail polish, but the past few weeks I thought I give my nails a break. This weekend I “rewarded” myself with a bright new Essie polish called “Rosebowl”. Luurv.


4. Castello Cavalcanti

I already posted this one on my facebook page but I thought it deserved another mention: the new Wes Anderson for Prada Fashion Film is amazing.

5. Tablebooker app


One of the things I loved about living in London when we went out for dinner, was the fact that you could make a reservation online for nearly every restaurant. We would even book a table up to an hour before, jump on the bus and go. No fuss, you immediately know if there’s room for you or not. Since I’ve moved to Antwerp, I’ve noticed that this has gotten a lot harder. Try getting a reservation for a small group of people just a few days in advance: you end up calling restaurants for 45 minutes (been there). No fun. Enter Tablebooker, a new iPhone app that immediately shows you which restaurants still have room to seat you and your party. Tablebooker is the first Belgian app for realtime reservations, and you can even let the restaurant know in the comments that you have food restrictions. What a blessing for people like me!


The launch of this app was celebrated at Brasserie Wouter with a traditional and very yummy Belgian meal. Hope to go back there sometime soon!

Tablebooker-app- Nathalie approves!

P.S. The android version of the app is coming, but in the meantime, Tablebooker has a good responsive site (Believe me, I checked :))

Hart of Dixie Style Guide

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So I’ve already told you that I’m crazy about Rachel Bilson. That includes her TV-show and one of my guilty pleasures: Hart of Dixie. Every week I’m looking forward to the adventures of doctor Zoe Hart in the little town of Bluebell. The southern charm, the love affairs, the humor: it’s a great television cocktail if you ask me. You learn to love the uptight Lemon Breeland, you get caught up in the George-Wade-Zoe love triangle, and then there’s bestie mayor Lavon Hayes. 40 minutes of pure relaxation.

Aliens & Aliases


What I also love about Hart of Dixie, is that it’s a “pretty” show to watch. I like everything visually pleasing, and Hart of Dixie is like a pinterest board come alive on television. You catch Annabeth wearing Anthropologie frocks and spot Zoe in a Proenza Schouler shirtdress, and Lemon wearing a Marni top. Now you really have my attention. Time for some hart of Dixie inspiration! Here’s how to dress like Zoe, Lemon and Annabeth.


Tips for dressing like Zoe Hart:

1. Wear miniskirts and shorts


2. Go for clean lines in your silhouettes. Zoe goes for the occasional print and pop of colour, but her outfits are never frilly.

3. Zoe loves the ankle length trouser + high heels! You can create this look easily by rolling up your boyfriend jeans.


3. Understated designerwear. Zoe chooses a lot of Alexander Wang  items, but also designer pieces from brands like Chloe, Dries Van Noten and Proenza Schouler. Pieces that are not too obvious and don’t have big logo’s clad all over them.

4. Go easy on the jewelry. Zoe mostly wears delicate pieces. When she does wear a bigger item, she will wear not much else.

5. Don’t be afraid of leather. In shorts, jackets and skirts!



Tips for dressing like Lemon Breeland:

1. Dress like a Lady. If there is one thing Lemon always is, it’s ladylike!

2.Wear pastels and nude colors.

3. Pay attention to details: Mix textures and pick garments made out of rich materials, with embroideries and lace.


4. Go for some glam, it always adds a little extra. Lemon wears glitter, gold, pearls, embroideries and everything else that shines.


4. Inject some fun into your wardrobe with quirky prints


5. Embrace Classic hollywood! For your make-up: winged eyeliner and  the occasional red lip. In your clothing, pick fifties silhouettes:  knee length dresses.


Tips for dressing like Annabeth Nass:

1.Play around with color.

2. Don’t shy away from dressing matchy matchy! Annabeth often wears accessories in the same colors as her clothing. It works so well because AB wears a ton of color, this keeps it from getting boring.


3. Go for green, especially if you have Annabeth’s dark hair and fair skin. So pretty!


4. Dress to impress. Annabeth’s outfits are selected with great attention to detail. Sweatpants are definitely not her style.

5. Annabeth often chooses statement jewelry: great necklaces and earrings finish her outfits.

All Pictures: The CW

Oh and PS: Are you team Wade or team George? 😉

Bimba & Lola AW13

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I’ve loved Bimba & Lola since I first discovered it during my erasmus in Spain 5 years ago. Their collections are always on trend and fashionable, yet accessible. They have a great brand identity and there is something about the brand’s use of print and color that is really typically “Bimba & Lola”. Do check out their lookbook for this winter, I’m in love with the use of color and simplicity of their silhouettes. Very much doubting if I should buy that teal dress. Simply divine.

 1393832_10153344745735511_1634412320_n 995508_10153344746240511_877443636_n 1379297_10153344747255511_145844477_n

1379907_10153344742945511_1271778280_n 1393050_10153344742125511_1732983404_n 1380720_10153344740450511_676802736_n

970383_10153344743330511_714595427_n1375070_10153344739440511_375802715_n 988304_10153344738625511_1427775838_n 1390553_10153344734935511_2062307860_n 564024_10153344733495511_1804247423_n 1381402_10153344732810511_1401733086_n

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Fall staple: Trench coat

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I used to think trench coats weren’t for me. That was before I found a great vintage Burberry one in a vintage shop in Barcelona three years ago. The silhouette of my favorite trench is quite long with rounded shoulders, and I love to cinch the waist with a nice leather belt. Not long after my first purchase, I scooped up a double breasted budget version. This one is much more classic, but I feel it suits me less.

I think that’s the basic thing: find the take on this classic that suits you, and it will be one of your go to pieces, that you can wear season after season.

My advice for finding the perfect trench:

1. Go for quality, it shows and it will last you a long time. This is definitely a piece that doesn’t go out of style, so no harm in investing.

2. Think about the general “rules” that apply to your figure: The double breasted trench makes me look a lot heavier than the first one, with hidden buttons. By cinching the waist and not butonning it up, I create a deep V that suits my figure much more.

3. If you’re not sure beige suits you, choose another color like the heavenly soft blue pictured above, or a dark blue if you want something more neutral.

And now, the inspiration!








Jeanne Damas // Breakfast at Tiffany’s//  Blushing ambition // Elisa Nalin via Stylesight // Alexa chung via Vogue.com // Modern girls and old fashioned men // Cape Cod collegiate // We the people style