Moody George

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Moody George // British shorthair cat

Just a quick hello & some pictures of my cat George to amp up the fluff factor on this cold thursday. I’ve been making some moody shots lately around the house, and George has been a willing subject. Like a true model, he slightly tilts his head every time I snap a new picture. Poser.

I’ll be sharing my friends Nathalie & Michiel‘s home soon on the blog, here’s a little preview on instagram. And for some early holiday vibes, get your hands on Knack Weekend‘s Black Feest, which is the party edition. My holiday table is featured in the issue. Party indeed!

Layered rugs

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I’m loving the idea of layered rugs lately (Marijs too), even though I don’t even have one to begin with. The one I’ll purchase eventually will undoubtably be a cowhide, but I just adore the feel of these layered rugs. They bring such cosiness to an interior.

On my mind #4

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1. Cara’s bottles

My good friend Cara has a great collection of vintage decanters. These are four she actually uses but she has more of these babies stored away. I’m always amazed at her collection of vintage, she’d be the vintage queen if there ever was one. I’m building my own bar cart so this is great inspiration…

2. Tocca Perfume

I’ve wanted this one for so long but these Tocca perfumes are actually quite expensive. I’ve had their laundry detergent and their handcreme, and when I bumped into this miniature perfume at Anthropologie in London, I had to have it! My favorite scent is Cleopatra, fitting, because this woman was sort of my childhood hero.


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I came across these pictures of my make up from 2010. That year must have been a turning point for me, beautywise. I have always “invested” in clothes and accessories, but I remember my mom telling me it wouldn’t hurt to pay a little more attention to the beautystuff back when I was a student.

Cotton Candy

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A little more radical than Dip dying: cotton candy hair. It seems like a logical next step, no? I love this but I would never try it, my hair is just too dark and it probably wouldn’t match my skin tone at all. Maybe I should just find a wig somewhere.

Step into my living room

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After the bedroom post, I promised to show more of my house. Well, here’s step one: The living room, or at least some quick snaps of it, taken by night when I’d just tidied the place up. I’ll show you more (including the view) soon. Greetings from the cozy couch above.

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