Fall staple: Trench coat

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I used to think trench coats weren’t for me. That was before I found a great vintage Burberry one in a vintage shop in Barcelona three years ago. The silhouette of my favorite trench is quite long with rounded shoulders, and I love to cinch the waist with a nice leather belt. Not long after my first purchase, I scooped up a double breasted budget version. This one is much more classic, but I feel it suits me less.

I think that’s the basic thing: find the take on this classic that suits you, and it will be one of your go to pieces, that you can wear season after season.

My advice for finding the perfect trench:

1. Go for quality, it shows and it will last you a long time. This is definitely a piece that doesn’t go out of style, so no harm in investing.

2. Think about the general “rules” that apply to your figure: The double breasted trench makes me look a lot heavier than the first one, with hidden buttons. By cinching the waist and not butonning it up, I create a deep V that suits my figure much more.

3. If you’re not sure beige suits you, choose another color like the heavenly soft blue pictured above, or a dark blue if you want something more neutral.

And now, the inspiration!








Jeanne Damas // Breakfast at Tiffany’s//  Blushing ambition // Elisa Nalin via Stylesight // Alexa chung via Vogue.com // Modern girls and old fashioned men // Cape Cod collegiate // We the people style

Back to 501

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At the dawn of their 140th anniversary, I’ve recently acquired my first pair of Levi’s 501 jeans, probably the most iconic jeans ever. I’ve had them customized, although I’ve never had a pair of shredded jeans in my life. That will take some getting used to, as will the boyfriend fit of the jeans… So I went online looking for some 501 inspiration!

I love the fact that the cut of  these jeans is truly timeless, and the androgyny of it all makes it even better. I’m starting to love the idea of pairing them with a crisp white shirt or striped top, and maybe cutting them off in summer. Endless possibilities!

Teal and purple

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The teal obsession continues, partly because this wonderful colour combo caught my eye lately. So easy to get wrong, so exquisite when you get it right.

//Park & Cube//Underwater Ink Photograph by Alberto Seveso//

On my mind

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1. This DIY lace dress I just found here via Pinterest. Whoa! Would love to try it if I have some time.

2. New packaging options for my webshop. It’s been quite busy with the sales and new collections, but my holiday has given me a biiiig energy boost.

3. A way to create more storage. My house is in some constant state of messiness. I’ve been obsessed with the image of this mix and match bedroom, and I love the bookshelf.