Hart of Dixie Style Guide

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So I’ve already told you that I’m crazy about Rachel Bilson. That includes her TV-show and one of my guilty pleasures: Hart of Dixie. Every week I’m looking forward to the adventures of doctor Zoe Hart in the little town of Bluebell. The southern charm, the love affairs, the humor: it’s a great television cocktail if you ask me. You learn to love the uptight Lemon Breeland, you get caught up in the George-Wade-Zoe love triangle, and then there’s bestie mayor Lavon Hayes. 40 minutes of pure relaxation.

Aliens & Aliases


What I also love about Hart of Dixie, is that it’s a “pretty” show to watch. I like everything visually pleasing, and Hart of Dixie is like a pinterest board come alive on television. You catch Annabeth wearing Anthropologie frocks and spot Zoe in a Proenza Schouler shirtdress, and Lemon wearing a Marni top. Now you really have my attention. Time for some hart of Dixie inspiration! Here’s how to dress like Zoe, Lemon and Annabeth.


Tips for dressing like Zoe Hart:

1. Wear miniskirts and shorts


2. Go for clean lines in your silhouettes. Zoe goes for the occasional print and pop of colour, but her outfits are never frilly.

3. Zoe loves the ankle length trouser + high heels! You can create this look easily by rolling up your boyfriend jeans.


3. Understated designerwear. Zoe chooses a lot of Alexander Wang  items, but also designer pieces from brands like Chloe, Dries Van Noten and Proenza Schouler. Pieces that are not too obvious and don’t have big logo’s clad all over them.

4. Go easy on the jewelry. Zoe mostly wears delicate pieces. When she does wear a bigger item, she will wear not much else.

5. Don’t be afraid of leather. In shorts, jackets and skirts!



Tips for dressing like Lemon Breeland:

1. Dress like a Lady. If there is one thing Lemon always is, it’s ladylike!

2.Wear pastels and nude colors.

3. Pay attention to details: Mix textures and pick garments made out of rich materials, with embroideries and lace.


4. Go for some glam, it always adds a little extra. Lemon wears glitter, gold, pearls, embroideries and everything else that shines.


4. Inject some fun into your wardrobe with quirky prints


5. Embrace Classic hollywood! For your make-up: winged eyeliner and  the occasional red lip. In your clothing, pick fifties silhouettes:  knee length dresses.


Tips for dressing like Annabeth Nass:

1.Play around with color.

2. Don’t shy away from dressing matchy matchy! Annabeth often wears accessories in the same colors as her clothing. It works so well because AB wears a ton of color, this keeps it from getting boring.


3. Go for green, especially if you have Annabeth’s dark hair and fair skin. So pretty!


4. Dress to impress. Annabeth’s outfits are selected with great attention to detail. Sweatpants are definitely not her style.

5. Annabeth often chooses statement jewelry: great necklaces and earrings finish her outfits.

All Pictures: The CW

Oh and PS: Are you team Wade or team George? 😉

The Grand Budapest Hotel

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After a very busy week and weekend of work filled with fun and inspiration I’m completely exhausted. That being said I really wanted to share the trailer of The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson, released this week. Well, based on this 2:26 minute long piece of awesomeness, this might become a new favorite. Star cast, amazing decor, humor, a little awkwardness. The great Wes cocktail strikes again. I mean, who else could get Ralph Fiennes, Edward Norton, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum, Harvey Keitel, Jude Law, Bill Murray, Saoirse Ronan, Léa Seydoux, Jason Schwartzman, Tilda Swinton and Owen Wilson on the same poster? And as my boyfriend just said: “He makes movies like paintings.” Can’t wait!




Pictures via Fox Searchlight


Alex Turner in Another Man

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I promise I’ll stop with the Arctic Monkeys mania sometime soon, but I really wanted to share these pics from the current issue of Another Man. Love the black & white. Definitely picking it up one of these days.

Photography by Willy Vanderperre
Styling by Alister Mackie

Pictures via Fen and Ned.

This post was originally published on Ella & Louise.

The Great Gatsby

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So Baz Luhrmann gave Gatsby a go. The film was long-awaited and before it was out, there was a lot of talk about actors, costumes, sets, and the postponed release date. Luhrmann, and the rest of the world, made sure everyone knew Gatsby was coming.

The critics have spoken, and their voices are mostly negative. Well, not all of them, and it’s not unexpected, as the master of glitter and glam took on one of the most popular literary works of the 20th century. Side effect of this promotion mania: the most anticipated movie of the year 2012, and later 2013, gave everyone a lot of time to make up their mind before they even saw the movie. Everyone is bound to have an opinion or feels like they should have one, which seems to be great for Baz’s wallet.

Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan on the cover of Vogue

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I’m back from New York! I’ll tell you more about my trip later, but for now I’d just like to share this amazing editorial. I picked up Vogue US right before boarding the plane home and was immediately intrigued by Carey Mulligan staring back at me in her twenties updo.

It’s no secret that we’ve been waiting for The Great Gatsby to be released, and now the moment is almost here (on May 10th Gatsby hits theaters in the USA and on the 15th the movie will kick off Cannes), Vogue has made Carey Mulligan their cover girl. Mulligan poses in Daisy Buchanan style and talks about how amazing it is to get the role in the new Baz Luhrmann flick. And other people talk about how amazing Carey is. Photographer Mario Testino had the honor of shooting her and did a pretty great job. Here are the pictures, now go get the print version and read the article. Really.

Bond girl

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It was my birthday on sunday, and after coffee, cake and pizza with the family, we went to see the new James Bond movie. This reminds me of evenings at home with my folks when I was young. Whenever there was Bond on TV, there was no question what we’d be watching. From Goldfinger to Goldeneye, it was always fun to emerge yourself in the exciting world of 007.

You never expected too much and you always got what you signed up for. Action, bad guys, bond girls and some pleasant clichés. And obviously, you had some favourites. I’m picking Connery over Brosnan any day. It was all smooth sailing and effortless action. And then there was Daniel Craig. I immediately loved him in Casino Royale, this new kind of tough Bond with a troubled psyche and a soft side.

Goodmorning, Gatsby’s here!

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“The tempo of the city had changed sharply, the buildings were higher, the parties were bigger, the morals were looser and the liquor was cheaper.”

I’ve told you before that I’m anxiously waiting for The Great Gatsby to be released. Well good news, the trailer is here! Can’t wait to be thrown into a new decadent Baz Luhrmann adventure.

This post was originally published on Ella & Louise.


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Be prepared for total madness today,  I am going to a concert of Paul McCartney tonight and I am totally freaking out. Ever since my boyfriend booked the tickets as a Valentines day present, I have been looking forward to this so much. In all honesty, I will behave like a teenager, and at some point, I probably will be crying. I know it’s silly, but I’ve been a fan of The Beatles for over ten years now. They’re my alltime favorites, and I can’t imagine that changing anytime soon. Or ever.

Paul is my favorite Beatle. John was just too much of a rebel for me. George was too much into sitars. And Ringo, well, he’s Ringo. I do truly believe that the chemistry between the four of them was crucial. But still, if I had to pick one Beatle, it would be Paul. Somehow, I never thought I’d see him preform. But today is the day I’ll see Sir Paul McCartney in the flesh. Here’s to hoping I won’t have a heart attack before the old man does.