Elderflower Cointreau Fizz Royal

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Elderflower Cointreau Fizz Royale Cocktail Recipe // No Glitter No GloryJust like last year, I’ve been experimenting with a holiday ready Cointreau Fizz recipe. In the past year and a half or so, I’ve been having a bit of an elderflower obsession, so even though this ingredient already introduces some spring vibes, there’s another ingredient that definitely amps up the party: I’ve replaced the sparkling water by a dash of sparkling wine. It gives your Cointreau Fizz that festive little kick!

Elderflower Cointreau Fizz Royale Cocktail Recipe // No Glitter No Glory

The Apple Outsider

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The Apple Outsider // A sweet gin cocktail via noglitternoglory.com

while back I went for a drink in one of Belgium’s finest cocktail bars and inquired if they had any sweet gin cocktails. I got a rather cool response that in fact they did not, and that most gin cocktails are either dry or sour.  I’d never claim to be a mixologist of any kind, but the 7 different bottles of gin lurking at me from my bar cart don’t lie.
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Pomegranate & Rosemary Cointreau Fizz

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cointreaubisSince the summer of 2014, Cointreau Fizz has quickly become one of my favorite easy cocktails, and during that time, somehow it had crept into my mind that this cocktail was a summer drink. However, fall (and not even winter) came along, and Cointreau Fizz stuck. Now that it’s colder, the basic recipe with only lime is a bit too light for my taste, and my own pineapple adaptation screams summer, but lately I have been enjoying this seasonal adaptation. Perfect for the holidays!


*5cl of Cointreau
*juice of half a lime
*10cl op sparkling water
*a handful of pomegranate seeds (or to taste)
*Some fresh rosemary

Start with about 3/4 of the pomegranate seeds in your glass. The cocktail pictured has a little less, but I’d recommend more if you like the sweet taste. Crush the seeds in your glass with a wooden kitchen grinder. Fill your glass with ice cubes. Add the Cointreau & squeeze the lime. Add some whole pomegranate seeds and top off the glass with sparkling water. Add some rosemary. Enjoy!


ps: If you’re reluctant about using pomegranates because they’re messy, try cutting them in four pieces and getting the seeds out in a bowl filled with water. A lot easier!