Moody Kitchen Inspiration

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Moody Kitchen Inspiration // No Glitter No Glory


efore I show you guys the result of my little kitchen makeover with Farrow & Ball, I thought I’d show you some inspirational images that sparked my decision to go for a moody vibe.

The kitchen doesn’t get much natural light, which is actually exactly the reason why I wanted to go for darker walls, as the white just really felt drab in this space. I’m so excited to show you the results, but have a look at this inspiration first! Have a happy weekend!

DIY Mudcloth Inspired Pillows

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DIY Mudcloth Inspired Pillows / No Glitter No Glory


i guys! I’ve been swooning over Mud Cloth fabrics lately, and I know I’m not the only one. While we invested quite a lot in the indigo dyed pillows in our cinema room, I wasn’t quite sure this love affair would last long enough to really invest in, so I went ahead and made a DIY alternative for our living room.
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Around The House #5

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The 15 minute fireplace upgrade that makes all the difference! / No Glitter No Glory


i guys, how have you been? I’ve been struggling a bit with winter blues over here. The lack of sunshine in Belgium is definitely bugging me. It happens every year around this time and while last year I was lucky enough to beat my blues with a whole week in Barcelona, this year we’re staying put for the first months of the year (although we have trips planned later this year).

So I’m dreaming of my sunny getaway and infusing some happy vibes inside our home. My preferred way of doing so involves a lot of flowers and DIY, as you may know if you’ve been following me for a while. After visiting my friend Sarah’s amazing new place, I fell in love with her moody walls and thought my home needed less white walls and more punch. Luckily, my friends at Farrow & Ball agreed, and we made arrangements for two projects. The paint arrived on monday, and in just two evenings I have finished my first project: transforming my kitchen with a coat of Pitch Black. It looks amazing and I can not wait to photograph the space and show you! There’s a little preview on instagram right here.

Since I had some Pitch Black left I used it for a 15 minute revamp of our fireplace. It adds a bit of much needed contrast in the living room. Both the boyfriend and I love it, as it feels a lot more luxurious. What do you think? Do you like it better now or before?

Paulien & Robin’s Ultimate Cool Girl Abode

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Paulien & Robin's Ultimate Cool Girl Abode / No Glitter No Glory / Beautiful blue rug and vintage sofa's, pouf from Sissy Boy


 met Paulien back in my early fashion blogging days and she was still very very young. We attended the same events, and I saw her become the ultimate ambassador for laid back chic you regularly bump into on Pinterest today. Trough the years, our paths kept crossing on- and offline, and I got to know her as the cool no-nonsense girl she is, beautiful both inside and out. I’ve been telling everyone she’s the rising star to watch for years, and I’m pleased to say I haven’t been proven wrong just yet!

Paulien & Robin's Ultimate Cool Girl Abode / No Glitter No Glory

Rebecca Judd’s Modern Pink Bathroom

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Rebecca Judd's Modern Pink Bathroom / No Glitter no Glory


ink has become a recurring theme here on the blog, so I think it won’t come as a surprise that when I spotted this space on pinterest, my heart skipped a beat. Such lovely combination of pink, marble and brass (although my own preference is still brushed brass) . This feminine space is the ensuite bathroom of Australian model & TV presenter Rebecca Judd, designed in cooperation with Aimee Tarulli. Turns out the marble is actually a porcelain slab but it works equally well, doesn’t it? (And it’s supposedly easier to take care of.) I think the brass corners are my favorite little detail here. 
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DIY Minimal Bedframe

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DIY Minimal Bedframe / No Glitter No Glory


hen we first moved in, I really wanted to create a clean white bedroom, but before it really got “finished” I started getting different ideas and impulses. Even though our room is tiiiiiny, I was been craving a bit more colour. So then I did a restyling of my bedroom with Dille & Kamille, and you saw a glimpse of my (then) brand new DIY bedframe.

Like I mentioned before, our room is quite small and I felt like no bedframe ever could fit in here. Well, our old one did (pictures of the bed in our former bedroom over here) but then we got a bigger mattress and we sorta did the whole mattress on the floor thing for a while. But then I realized I’m a grown up and didn’t want that anymore. Apart from the fact that we have the tiny room, I found most frames ugly and quite expensive, so after a lot of back and forth, I decided I was going to build my own.

A Beautiful London Home with Pink Hues

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A Beautiful London home with Pink Hues via No Glitter No Glory


spotted these images last summer when this home appeared on A cup of Jo and instantly fell in love, but recently I bumped into them on pinterest again and they are so good I just had to share. I feel the heart and soul of this home is definitely the gorgeous kitchen, which is no surprise when you know this is the home of writer, cook and foodblogger Skye McAlpine.

Have a look at this lovely apartment with perfect imperfections, and read all about the home here.

A Beautiful London home with Pink Hues via No Glitter No Glory

Dark Green Wall Inspiration

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Dark Green Wall Inspiration via No Glitter No Glory


f you read this blog every now and then it will come as no surprise that I absolutely love green walls. I painted my hallway in a beautiful shade of emerald and I haven’t regretted it one bit. I’ve been seeing more and more images with moody green walls and rounded up some of my favorite inspiration. Not sure if you want to use such a bold colour? These rooms may push you over the edge!
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5 tips for Holiday Hosting

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Star Candle holders


i guys! Today I’ve teamed up with Swarovski to share my favorite hosting tips with you to make your guests feel extra welcome when entertaining in your home. There are a few tricks I’ve picked up over the years that I’ve found make people relax and feel at ease from the moment they walk trough the door. It’s always hit and miss when you’re working with tricky timings and juggling the cooking, decorating and entertaining, but let’s call this an ultimate checklist for setting your get together up for success!

As I’ve been getting more and more into photography I absolutely loved styling and shooting Swarovski’s playful seasonal home collection. The crystal trinkets capture the light so beautifully and are nothing short from mesmerizing. I absolutely love the result and I hope you do too! And at the end of the post there is a giveaway involved, so stay tuned!