Leen’s Colourful Palace in Borgerhout

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hat to say about this house guys! Wow. I remember meeting Leen quite clearly, because she has the most distinctive personal style and I instantly loved it. Everyone always wants their style to be unique and special, but Leen’s really is, in a way that I could never see anyone else pull off her clothes in a way that she does. Except for Fran Fine and Grandma Yetta, who she says are her style icons.


I had a sneaking suspicion that Leen’s home would be equally intruiging as I caught some glimpses in Instagram pictures. So on one hot spring day last month I went over and was quite blown away. Not only by the proportions of the house, because this home has The Highest Ceilings, but most of all by the bold choices Leen and her boyfriend Kurt have made in the house. I was so overwhelmed by all the awesomeness going on that I feel I didn’t quite capture everything, probably because I was admiring the couple’s record collection, books and impressive closet space just a little too much.

Sarah’s Moody Antwerp Abode

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Sarah's Wonderful Moody Antwerp Abode // Living room in Farrow and Ball Hague Blue


y friend Sarah’s one bedroom in Antwerp is quite something. She spent so much time meticulously planning the decoration of her home during the remodel that my jaw litteraly dropped when I first walked in there. Her place looked as if she’d lived in it for years, not weeks, and everything seemed so finished I started to feel jealous thinking of the unfinished corners in my own home. Three years in the making and there was my bathroom radiator, still leaning up against the wall, mocking me from the back of my mind.Sarah's Wonderful Moody Antwerp Abode // Living room in Farrow and Ball Hague Blue

Joy’s Cosy Home High in the Sky

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Joy's Cosy Home High in the Sky // A cute vintage Antwerp appartment //No Glitter No Glory


 met actress/ TV host/ social media lady Joy Anna Thielemans somewhere in 2012 via my shop and since then, I’ve kept bumping into her bright appearance both on- and offline. She became insanely popular as an actress on Flanders’ most popular TV show for the past five years and recently made the very brave decision to quit the show and go in a different direction.

Following her own path that has now brought her to new adventures in Amsterdam, but before moving there for a while, Joy renovated her flat in Antwerp and made it a beautiful relaxing home. So one saturday I packed up my camera gear and went to her little castle high in the sky for some tea, long overdue catching up and of course, snooping around with my camera.

Joy's Cosy Home High in the Sky // A cute vintage Antwerp appartment //No Glitter No Glory

Joy has turned her home into her own little sanctuary with a lot of personality, a wonderful place to come home to after the highly irregular workdays she has. She told me the labour of love was realised with a lot of help from her parents. In fact, when I knocked on the door her dad was in the process of helping her hang the lamps she’d just taken back to Antwerp from her new temporary home in the Netherlands.

The things I personally love most here? That Journuit sofa maybe, or the map of Antwerp on the walls. Or maybe her wall hung collection of mason jars filled with yummy nutricious foods, or that dark grey on the walls in her bedroom. And then we didn’t even talk about her view yet… Enter Joy’s lovely sanctuary and have a look for yourself!

Paulien & Robin’s Ultimate Cool Girl Abode

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Paulien & Robin's Ultimate Cool Girl Abode / No Glitter No Glory / Beautiful blue rug and vintage sofa's, pouf from Sissy Boy


 met Paulien back in my early fashion blogging days and she was still very very young. We attended the same events, and I saw her become the ultimate ambassador for laid back chic you regularly bump into on Pinterest today. Trough the years, our paths kept crossing on- and offline, and I got to know her as the cool no-nonsense girl she is, beautiful both inside and out. I’ve been telling everyone she’s the rising star to watch for years, and I’m pleased to say I haven’t been proven wrong just yet!

Paulien & Robin's Ultimate Cool Girl Abode / No Glitter No Glory

Young Creatives: Melanie Van Dooren

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Young Creatives: Melanie Van Dooren


‘ve been wanting to introduce you to my friend Melanie for a while now. She’s one of the most radiant and positive people I know, and I find her a true inspiration so I really wanted to share her story with you. Plus she lives in this huge appartment in Antwerp with the sweetest nursery!
Melanie and I met when she moved into my student house her first year of college and we hit it off right away. She also studied communications so we had a lot of the same classes, and even ended up studying abroad in Barcelona together, where we also shared a flat. She’s actually the person I’ve lived with the longest apart from my boyfriend and parents. I could show you some hilarious photo’s from our student years studying for our most hated course (ICT) in our PJs and greasy hair with the help of a bucket of M&Ms (but I won’t!).
Since we became actual proper adults, Melanie has worked in TV production, moved to Brazil for a year with her lovely boyfriend Hendrik and had the cutest baby named Maurice. She also hit a rough patch last year and decided to take her life into her own hands and change things up. Melanie already started learning jewelry design in Brazil, but now she’s back in Belgium, and recently launched a brand under her own name: Melanie Van Dooren. I couldn’t be prouder of her living life on her own terms, so let me show you why I love this girl!
Young Creatives: Melanie Van Dooren //Inside the home and workplace of a Jewelry Designer

Katrin & Maarten’s Dinosaur & Shark Sanctuary

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Katrin & Maarten's Dinosaur and Shark Sanctuary // Home tour of a quirky, bright loft in Antwerp Belgium


elcome to the home of Katrin and Maarten. It’s bright and lofty, and they have some pretty weird and wonderful stuff. This place holds countless novels, many dinosaurs and two cats. And like all of the homes I love, it completely reflects its owners’ personalities. Which is actually quite the merit, seeing as Katrin is a creative spirit and Maarten is one of the most rational people you’ll ever meet, but somehow the mix of a hilarious lifestyle journalist and a brilliant finance wizard is a match made in heaven. These two are some of my favorite people in the world and I couldn’t wait to share their house with you. What do you think? Amazing, right?
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Nathalie and Michiel’s Arty & Eclectic Apartment

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Nathalie and Michiel's Arty & Eclectic Apartment // Palm Wallpaper print, brass vanity & panther statue


f you’ve been following me for a while, you must have seen Yayzine‘s Nathalie & Michiel’s names pop up on many occasions. We often work together on shoots (sometimes for the blog, sometimes for Lily and the Lady), Michiel is the talented artist of the lipstick artwork in our living room, and most of all Nathalie and Michiel are some of the best friends a girl could wish for.

Nathalie and Michiel's Arty & Eclectic Apartment // Brass bar cart

They are both some of the kindest people I know, and they live their lives in a totally unapologetic manner, doing what makes them happy regardless of what others think, which is very inspiring and uplifting to be around. I have been wanting to share their home for a while, but they’re forever improving and curating and editing, so just when you think it can not get better, it does.

Nathalie and Michiel live in a 30s apartment in Antwerp’s Expo neighborhood, together with their border collie dog Vanna (nicknamed Vaansie), who always greets you by running around you in a happy frenzy when you arrive. Dogpaws on the old hardwood floors, that’s the sound of a warm welcome in this house.

The couple has filled their home with unique and interesting pieces, ranging from a vintage brass bar cart to an antique Chinese credenza and matching screen serving as a headboard, from a weird but wonderful huge African lamp to the latest addition: a bright blue egg-style chair that they got from Michiel’s grandparents.

Discover the wonderful and inspiring world of this creative duo (and meet Vaansie!), after the jump!

Young Creatives: Sofie Vertongen

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Young Creatives: Sofie Vertongen // Inside her home and studio - via noglitternoglory.com


he first time I heard about Sofie, must have been about 8 years ago. We had a mutual friend and every now and then she’d tell me about Sofie, although to me she was just this apparently fabulous interior design student, and I had no idea who she actually was and what she looked like ( this was pre-facebook, oh how times have changed.)

Just like me, she lived in Barcelona and London for a while in her early twenties, and it was in the latter city we finally met for the first time, strolling down Hampstead High Street with another mutual friend. We became Facebook friends (within a mere 3 years, it had become all the rage), and I sporadically picked up on her adventures abroad until this year, when she moved from Berlin to my own hometown Antwerp.

Since a few months, Sofie and I have one more thing in common, because she has jumped into the deep end and started her own online shop. Her e-store Phyt sells airplants a.k.a epiphytes, a type of plant that originates in Central and South America and is marked by the fact that it doesn’t need soil to grow. The plants have been quite popular in the US but difficult to get a hold of in Belgium, until now!

Young Creatives: Sofie Vertongen // Inside her home and studio// Airplants - via noglitternoglory.com

Inside Laura & Jelle’s Movie Mansion

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Laura and I, we go way back. We got really close when we were studying Communications at university together, but even before that, we went to the same high school and both acted in the school play during our senior year. She’s one of those people who is incredibly funny, smart and seems to have her life in place, at any moment (even when she doesn’t). She endured my endless ramblings when I’ve had my heart broken, she and I have danced on tables and had epic weekends by the seaside, but most of all we laugh together. She is hands down one of my funniest friends, and all my memories of her include tons of laughter.

About seven years ago, Laura met Jelle, and they’ve been together ever since. They both work in movies and TV and met on set, and a year ago they became the proud home owners of a house in the center of Leuven. Since the house was built from scratch, they completely chose the layout and materials themselves, resulting in a home completely matching their lifestyle and needs. The light filled rooms are all painted crisp white, the floors are dark, creating a perfect blank canvas to play around with.  Because if you ask me, the magic in this home is in the colorful and playful details. Mismatched chairs,  toy robots, movie posters, colorful cacti spread all around the house,… The things I love most are definitely their huge windows and…their cinema room. So high on my wishlist! Anyway, pictures say more than a thousand words, so here is Laura and Jelle’s lovely home! I dare you to spot all the movie references!