Home renovation: Living Room update

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Home renovation: Living Room update via noglitternoglory.com

Since my last big living room update, a lot has happened. Some things I have told you about, like the addition of our new artwork and the makeover of our adjacent green hallway, but most of them weren’t really blogworthy on their own.

The coffee table got yet another coat of paint but will hopefully soon be replaced by something Dieter and I are working on. The windows, radiators and shelving finally got a fresh coat of paint, getting rid of the last traces of unpainted MDF in the room. I’ve also added some new plants, some pillows and a lovely New York poster that I gave to Dieter to celebrate his project in Tribeca. Then onto the bigger stuff. Our cowhide got a new buddy, a beautiful blue rug that we got as a Christmas gift by my parents. It came from Kwantum, was amazingly budget friendly and made in Belgium, score!

And then there’s our new table I’ve showed you in my previous post. It’s beech and it is stunning, I love it so. Next up: the lamps. For now I’ve added a lamp that I intended to hang in our bedroom over the dining room table, but we’re on the lookout for something bigger. So here it is, curious to hear your thoughts!

Home renovation: Living Room update via noglitternoglory.com Home renovation: Living Room update via noglitternoglory.comNew York poster, fish artwork & open shelving via noglitternoglory.comHome renovation: Living Room update via noglitternoglory.comHome renovation: Living Room update via noglitternoglory.comHome renovation: Living Room update via noglitternoglory.comHome renovation: Living Room update via noglitternoglory.com

Home renovation: Living Room update via noglitternoglory.com

Home Renovation: Green Hallway

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So, here I am with another update on the home renovation front! Back in november, I spent a long weekend painting every last inch of our hallway a deep green. It took me ages, not to mention a couple of mediocre romantic comedies in the background to get through this (This one was actually pretty good! This one was a bit weird, but I’m so into James McAvoy. This one was kinda meh). Anyway, I think I painted for about 36 hours. Three layers on the walls, ceiling, doors and skirting, and then a slight hiccup where I had to start over on the wood work. Phew.

Initially we wanted the wood and walls and ceilings all to be in the same colour. Also initially, we thought we’d paint the hallway some kind of grey blue. Serious contenders were Farrow & Ball’s Stiffkey blue and Levis’ Ijzerfabriek (both oh so pretty), but then along came our new artwork and we really wanted to connect the color of our hallway to the piece in some way. We decided on a deep green.

So we started looking for the perfect shade. Not an easy task, I tell you! In the end we headed to the store with one of Dieter’s sweaters so they could scan the colour and mix up the green paint we wanted. We got the exact same paint colour for the walls as the doors and skirting, but it ended up looking, well, not that great. While the colour was a very rich and deep green on the walls, it looked very cheap on the wood. So in the end we went back to the shop and got a darker shade, which ended up looking  a whole lot better.

Just a tip when your working with dark colours like this one, be patient and make sure you put on plenty of coats. Oh and preferably use a dark primer ( I didn’t)

I love how the dark green makes this butterfly from Animaux Spéciaux stand out!

Ready for the before and after? here it is:

Resources: Levis Ambiance mur extra mat colour M8.51.20 + Levis Ambiance lak M7.12.12  // Butterfly from Jeroen Lemaitre’s most awesome enterprise Animaux Spéciaux // Pantone Chairs (thrifted & vintage from the 1970s) //B&W picture from my grandparents // African statue from my other grandparents // Vintage lamp from Troc // Poster from the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin // Credenza from the thrift shop

PS1: The complete “before” of our house tour with the original coloured floors is here.

PS2: I really like how it turned out and really look forward to styling it more in the future.  I must say I kinda still miss the colour on the walls of our previous hallway. Just in case you missed it, it was this glorious teal below.

Home Renovation: 5 Tips to Style your Vanity Table

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5 Tips to Style your Vanity Table via noglitternoglory.com

Hi guys! I hope you’ve had a wonderful start of 2015 so far. I took a couple of days off during the holidays which resulted mostly in hosting (dinner) parties and decorating the house further, so it will come as no surprise that the first post of the year is a deco post!

My vanity table made its debut on the blog a long time ago here. It used to belong to my mom back in the seventies and stood in my parent’s guest room for a while until it moved to my room when I was a teenager for the purpose it serves till this day. When we moved into our previous apartment, we took it with us, and now it’s in our new space! For the moment, I’ve kept it as it was but I’m planning to change up the colour once I start painting my dressing room. More on that later.

Here’s how it looks at the moment, all organized and white and lovely to match our currently white bedroom.

5 Tips to Style your Vanity Table via noglitternoglory.com

Here are my 5 tips to style your Vanity Table:

1. Make sure you have everything you need close. On my checklist: A mirror, tissues, cotton buds, cotton wool pads, a place to keep brushes, a place to store your current favorites, … Make sure your table is in a good place with loads of natural light during the day and provide good artificial light for the morning/evening.

2. Storage for Current favorites. I keep most of my make-up in the drawers of the vanity table, but I always have favorites I use more often than others. The lovely folks over at Ta’or gifted me a clever organizing solution for make up consisting of a box to store bigger make-up items and a lid that doubles as a handy place to store brushes, mascara, eyeliners etc. I love how it’s useful and aesthetically pleasing, a trait usually neglected when it comes to storage items. The set I have is the Cubi Max Make-up set in white melamine, and it’s available here. I use the set to keep the items I use daily close.

3. Make sure you have a small place to put your jewelry. I like to use a trey (or in this case a marble sample from the architect boyfriend) to organize smaller pots and jewelry I tend to have lying around. It’s a great way for messy folks like me who tend to leave small items everywhere around the house.

4. Keep inspiration close. I think my vanity corner is one of the most personal nooks in our house. I love that it is filled with items that remind me of the people I love. The table from my mom, the frames from my grandmother and friends, the Ikea mirror that made it home from my erasmus in Barcelona,… The fact that it is organized and beautiful makes it a relaxing environment, and I also try to keep a few books and magazines close to inspire me. Current favorites are Alexa Chung’s It (No surprises there, right? (Thank you dear Sarah!)) and Sabine Peeters‘ Make Up (Get it. Now. It’s amazing.)

5. Declutter. You don’t need five mascara’s and twenty brushes. The perfect way to prevent your vanity table from overflowing with clutter is to just get rid of it, or even better, maybe not buy it if you do not need it in the first place. A few favorites go a long way (well, at least for me they do). Plus this opens up room for some fresh flowers. Everything gets better with fresh flowers.

Well, there you have it, my vanity table! Tell me, what are your tricks to organize your make up?

5 Tips to Style your Vanity Table via noglitternoglory.com 5 Tips to Style your Vanity Table via noglitternoglory.com 5 Tips to Style your Vanity Table via noglitternoglory.com 5 Tips to Style your Vanity Table via noglitternoglory.com 5 Tips to Style your Vanity Table via noglitternoglory.com 5 Tips to Style your Vanity Table via noglitternoglory.com 5 Tips to Style your Vanity Table via noglitternoglory.com

Interior references: TA’OR make-up organizer // Vintage Chair // Vanity table from my mother’s childhood bedroom // vintage plant pot // Faux sheep skin from Ikea // Mirror from Ikea // Tissue box from Ikea // Brass pot from The Recollection // Rose painting via my grandmother // Vintage print (gift from my dear friend Cara) // Glass frame (gift from my dear friend Nathalie with a flower she picked in Madeira)

Make up references: Estée Lauder Modern Muse perfume // Hema Make-up brushes // Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in 32 Dark Choclate Ink // YSL Touche Eclat // Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy lipstick in 370 Carnal // Estée Lauder Pure Color lipstick in 01 Red Velvet  // Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy eyeshadow palette in 10 Envious Orchid// Chanel Nailpolish in 635 Expression// Clinique Superbalanced Make up foundation // Guerlain Cils d’Enfer mascara in 01 noir

PS/ The room is far from finished, but here’s a before shot. As you can see, the biggest difference is the floor. Bye bye carpet!


Home Renovation: Kitchen update

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Hi Guys! Wonderful news, well at least for me! My kitchen is about 99% done. The cabinets are installed and painted, the walls have had a fresh coat and it looks like a proper kitchen now. I almost can’t believe it. The only thing missing are two handles on the new cabinets, optimizing some of the storage by adding some extra shelves in one of the cupboards and we might add some tiles above the counter, but apart from that, well, it is pretty much done!

So let me walk you trough it. A lot has changed, but unlike our bathroom renovation, we decided to work with what we already had. What we had wasn’t that much though: fifties cupboards and yellow and terracotta tiles (You can see the before here)! Because of the floor we decided early on (as I told you in my inspiration post here) to keep our colour palette pretty simple: black, white & wood. In the end we decided to switch the black to very dark grey (Levis Clear Grey c80, to be exact), which feels a bit softer in real life. I’m really happy with the choices we made here, because the colours make the space feel a lot more contemporary. We wanted to keep the original elements but not have it feel too vintage.

We had some extra cupboards and shelving made in MDF and installed a new oak countertop, porcelain sink and an exhaust hood (You can see that step here). And then there was painting, a looot of painting. Anyway, here are the results! Curious to hear you thoughts!


The kitchen is actually George’s area, so I decided to so a very quick and easy DIY for the little guy. This is actually the box the bathroom sink arrived in. I nailed the top to the side, added a cat scratcher and a cork attached to a piece of rope. I half placed it under the table so he’d have a place to feel comfy and he absolutely loves it! Not pictured here (but I’ll write something about it in the future) is the cupboard where we placed George’s litter bin. It has an opening so he has easy access, yet it is out of sight for us!


So for those of you who are curious about the materials we used:

Levis clear grey c80  Mat from the Colour Mix  collection & Levis lak in white from the ambiance collection on the cupboards. Levis Ambiance mur extra mat on the walls.
Molnigt Exhaust Hood, Djomsö sinkEdsvik faucet & knife holder from Ikea.
Magazine rack from Hema.
Chalk board made by my grandfather (and it still has some glitter from my childhood days attached to it).
Vintage chairs & IKEA table from our previous living room.

Home Renovation: More bathroom progress

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Since the last bathroom update, our shower and the sink have been installed, which make a world of difference. All that is left to do in the space is hang a shower curtain + curtain rod, the skirting board and paint. This is also the first time I show you a glimpse of our large custom made cabinet that blends in pretty nicely with the wall. I would recommend it to everyone who has a tendency to be messy (like me), it really prevents the space looking cluttered as I just stash everything behind doors.

Marble wall – statuarietto by Il Granito , Wash bassin – Sanico, Bath – Victoria & Albert, Faucets & shower – Tara series from Dornbracht – Mirror – Vintage from my grandparents


Oh, and just in case you forgot, here is the Before shot:

 Bathroom designed together with my amazing boyfriend / architect Dieter Vander Velpen.

Home Renovation: Before

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Home renovation: before // living room

Apologies for the lack of updates in the past two weeks, but so far, 2014 has been a rollercoaster. At the moment, I’m somehow juggling choosing collections for Lily and the Lady, shooting the pieces we just got in store, the preparation for the new Lily and the Lady site, a freelance assignment, a new project with the BF and our home renovation. Blogging here, not so much.

I thought it was about time to show you the before pictures of our new space, since we already did most of the demo work with the help from our amazing friends and family. They will even start colouring the floors tomorrow! I get so excited when I think about how great this space is going to be in just a couple of months… But for now: here goes!

Living room

Home Renovation: Before // Living room Home Renovation: Before // Living Room


Home Renovation: Before // Office Home Renovation: Before // office


Home Renovation: Before


Home Renovation: Before // Bathroom Home Renovation: Before // Bathroom

Bedroom & Closet

Home Renovation: Before // bedroom

Home Renovation: Before // closet


Home Renovation: Before// kitchen Home Renovation: Before // kitchen

Terrace & Laundry room

Home Renovation: Before // terrace Home Renovation: Before // laundry room