Home Renovation: Pink Closet Reveal

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Home Renovation: Pink Closet Reveal -noglitternoglory.com


 could hardly wait to share this post with all of you, because I worked so damn hard to paint this room and ta-daaa, it’s done! Well, almost. I’ve installed new lighting and I still want a blue carpet and we’re still adding custom brass pulls on the drawers. I’ll  surely share an update once that’s done! If you’re looking for a budget friendly brass spotlight, we picked this one and it looks far better than expected! The picture doesn’t do it justice.

Back to the current situation. After a loooong week of priming and painting, everything still needed to find its place, and before I knew it, I’ve been on this project, sleeping in our office for two weeks. Our home is pretty much still a mess, but the closet looks good. Have a look!

Home Renovation: Closet Progress

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Home Renovation: Closet ProgressThere is one room in our house that hasn’t made it to the blog in the 1,5 years we’ve had our home, and it is one of the rooms we’ve had the biggest plans for from the start: our dressing room. As you could see here, our previous rental apartment had a pretty sweet built in closet already, and I can tell you this: it’s not easy going back after that. Also, yes I know I have a lot of shoes, and yes, I have a lot of clothes and nope, there’s no way this would all fit in a regular closet.

So with the help of pen, paper and sketch up, the architect boyfriend and I designed a wardrobe to fit our needs, in a small room without windows, adjacent to our bedroom. Today I’m showing you what it has looked like from the day we moved in. The bones are there, but if you only knew what we have in mind. I’ve had my plans mapped out for so long that I’m getting just a tad impatient, but have been putting it off because it will be such a big job. I need to move all my clothes out of the room, we won’t be able to sleep in our bedroom, and it will take quite some time to paint all the little nooks.

But now I’ve partnered up with Farrow & Ball for a wonderful collaboration, so I’ll finally be starting the project soon! They have just the right colour I’ve been dreaming of. I’ve already tested the shade on my walls and it looks goooood. Can you guess the direction we’ll be going in?

For now, I’m leaving you with these quick pictures of the before and current state of our messy & badly lit dressing room. Keep an eye out on the blog, because you’ll also have the chance to win some Farrow & Ball paint for your own home very soon!

Home Renovation: Our Office / Cinema Room

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Home Renovation: Our Office / Cinema Room


‘ve been hinting at the new purpose of our office on Instagram, and here it is! It’s a cinema room, ta-daaa! Or just a room with a new projector and a bunch of cozy pillows that is perfect for binge watching your favorite shows, but a cinema room sounds so much nicer, no? After Dieter moved his office outside the house we noticed that we used the room less and less as an office and more and more as a space where we dumped our stuff and closed the door whenever we had guests. I have always been someone who moved around in the house with my laptop while working, switching between the living room table, office and couch (bad habits). As a result, one of the biggest rooms of our flat wasn’t used anymore, and was messy all the time, as you can see in the pictures below.
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Home Renovation: Quick Living Room changes

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Home Renovation: Quick Living Room changes via noglitternoglory.com


ince the last living room update, we’ve moved some stuff around. Still no new lamps, no curtains, and no new coffee table, but we did move the Chesterfield and replaced it with this midcentury sofa that used to be in the office. We also threw out our TV and stored our DVDs somewhere else, which makes for a much lighter atmosphere. I see I already disliked that particular corner because I didn’t share any images of where the TV used to be in my previous post, and now that it’s gone I’m still searching how to style the shelves. Right now there’s a smaller Chesterfield in that corner that we will move soon to my boyfriend’s new office space.

Home Renovation: Quick Living Room changes via noglitternoglory.com

Home Renovation: Terrace Update

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2015-05-11 11.30.58kopie


efore fall really gets going, I wanted to show you the changes we made to our terrace. Apart from the doors  and ceiling needing a lick of paint, a lamp and a new tabletop, our little piece of heaven is pretty much finished.

Home Renovation: Terrace Update via noglitternoglory.com

I grew up on the countryside in a house with a big garden, so when we started looking for an apartment to buy, a small outside space was definitely on the wishlist. Our terrace isn’t big, but spacious enough to enjoy summer dinners, it has direct sunlight in the afternoon and most of all it’s pretty quiet. We live on a busy street with lots of traffic but our terrace is at the back, enclosed by buildings that are luckily far away and allow ample light.

5 Tips for Painting Tiles

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5 Tips for Painting Tiles


s I told you here, we decided not to remove the tiles in our lavatory when we were renovating our bathroom. It seemed like a lot of work for a tiny space with a lot of extra nooks, plus we’d have to remove the hanging toilet and well, we just didn’t feel like it.

This left us with only one option: to paint the tiles on the walls. I was a bit intimidated by the project, but in hindsight it worked out great and I’m so happy with the result. I’ve had a lot of questions about the process so I’m happy to share 5 tips for painting tiles I’ve picked up along the way.