Delbôve Cosmetics Interior and Branding

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Delbôve Cosmetics Interior and Branding by Christophe Remy - via


 was pretty excited when Delbôve cosmetics opened their Antwerp store earlier this year, not only to discover their products but maybe most of all because I’d spotted the beautiful interior of their Brussels store a few times on Pinterest, and it did seem pretty flawless.

Delbôve Cosmetics Interior and Branding by Christophe Remy - via

Both the impeccable branding and interior are the work of interior designer Christophe Remy, who is a freelance art director and interior designer, and has worked for various impressive clients like LVMH and NATAN. Apart from his current freelance work he spent 2 years in an interior design studio restoring and decorating period style properties, something I feel is really apparent in his work for Delbôve. It is obvious Remy has a great eye for detail and I absolutely love the whole atmosphere of the place. It just oozes timeless elegance yet feels so modern, totally my style. Sooo I thought I’d share it here with you. What do yo think, beautiful, right? Also, I’ve been using their Gel Perfection for the past few weeks, and it’s pretty great, can’t wait to test more of their products. But more on that later…

Platner Arm Chair Inspiration

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Platner Arm Chair Inspiration // Gold


hen I first started to “learn” about design, my favorite chair was Mies Van Der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair. I liked the lines and the fact that Barcelona was my favorite city seemed to be quite fitting, so I’d imagine one day having a black leather Barcelona chair in my living room. Since then I’ve discovered that the chairs aren’t all that comfy, and although I still love the pavilion they were made for, I don’t like the chair all that much anymore.

Since then, I’ve had a lot of chair crushes, ranging from affordable to “keep dreaming”. And one of my ultimate “must get my hands on it someday” crushes is definitely Platner’s arm chair. I only recently discovered Knoll released the chair in gold, which is the way Platner intended it when he designed it in 1966, but there was no technology to produce it yet. Well now there is, and behold: it is perfect. Not only the gold version looks good though, I’d take the chair in polished nickel any day. How about you? Do you have any expensive chair crushes?

Platner Arm Chair Inspiration // gold

Velvet Sofa Inspiration

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Velvet Sofa Inspiration - A rainbow of velvet sofas via


ieter and I have been fans of all things velvet in interior for some time. I mean, it’s plush and luxe and adds some old world glamour without having to be kitsch. Pretty much all I love when it comes to interiors. The easiest and most awesome (but not the least expensive) way to add some velvet to your home? A sofa. We have a green velvet one seater in our place (and a Louis XVI style chair), but have been lusting after a giant sofa we spotted at Orior in NYC that was pure perfection. So here are some of my favorite interiors using velvet sofa’s shining bright in both light and moody interiors. Don’t you just want to snuggle up in them? I know I do. A rainbow of velvet, after the jump!
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Home Renovation: Lavatory Inspiration

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ver the easter weekend I got my hands dirty and started painting the house again. I realized recently that it’s been almost a year since we moved in, and although we’ve finished many of our projects, there are still big parts of our flat that remain unfinished. Our dressing, (another) hallway, the doors and frames in the office and bedroom, our bathroom (it doesn’t show on the pictures, but it is definitely not done yet) all still needed a layer of paint and some TLC. The smallest yet maybe the most annoying room? Right, the restroom. The place with a million extra corners where we have kept the tiles on the walls so we didn’t have to remove the toilet. Funny how you’d do things differently afterwards huh?
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