On my mind #7

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1. New Home

Remember that massive purchase I mentioned here? Well, the cat is out of the bag: it’s an apartment. Buying this flat with my boyfriend has been both terrifying and exciting, and now that we have the space, I can’t wait to truly make it our own. Needless to say, pinterest is a playground for me these days. We move in march or april, so we have plenty of time to pick and choose everything.

2. Keeping up with NYFW

Loving the usual suspects (for me, at least): 3.1 Phillip LimAlexander Wang and Proenza Schouler. Adored Ostwald Helgason. And then there’s always the delicate and feminine Tocca.

3. Arctic Monkeys at Club 69

Arctic Monkeys played an intimate show for Club 69 at Cafe Corsari right here in Antwerp on tuesday. I was lucky enough to be there and I have to be honest: it’s been dominating my week. I’ve been talking about it non stop: to my friends, my boyfriend and on twitter. It’s kind of bordering obsession, really. I just love their new CD and the concert was pretty great too. So happy they’ll be back in november.

On my mind #4

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1. Cara’s bottles

My good friend Cara has a great collection of vintage decanters. These are four she actually uses but she has more of these babies stored away. I’m always amazed at her collection of vintage, she’d be the vintage queen if there ever was one. I’m building my own bar cart so this is great inspiration…

2. Tocca Perfume

I’ve wanted this one for so long but these Tocca perfumes are actually quite expensive. I’ve had their laundry detergent and their handcreme, and when I bumped into this miniature perfume at Anthropologie in London, I had to have it! My favorite scent is Cleopatra, fitting, because this woman was sort of my childhood hero.

On my mind #3

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1. Editing and launching the Lily and the Lady Photo shoot.

I’ve been working really hard on this one! Because I really wanted the pictures to be perfect collages, it took me forever to cut & paste everything (virtually) until I was completely satisfied. I’m still not happy about some details, but sometimes, you have to let the perfectionism go. You can find the full set of pics here. Hope you like it!

2. Looking into new jewelry storage options

I store my jewelry in old teacups and glassware, so it’s no surprise that I absolutely love the DIY above made by A Pair and A Spare. You can never have enough space to store your precious belongings right?

3.The pressdays

Marijs and I went to check out the Antwerp press days this week, resulting in the inevitable discovery of some great brands and products. Yes, the wishlist is a tad longer, and I’m particularly obsessed with the Mauro Grifoni dress on the right. AMAZING. Check out our facebook page for some more press day pictures.

On my mind

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1. This DIY lace dress I just found here via Pinterest. Whoa! Would love to try it if I have some time.

2. New packaging options for my webshop. It’s been quite busy with the sales and new collections, but my holiday has given me a biiiig energy boost.

3. A way to create more storage. My house is in some constant state of messiness. I’ve been obsessed with the image of this mix and match bedroom, and I love the bookshelf.

All The Small Things

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In the spirit of new beginnings, I’ve decided to rename “On my mind”  “All the small things”. Because that’s essentially what I want to share here: the small things in life that make me happy! Plus it’s a chance to name something after a Blink 182 song. This is what’s been making me smile lately.

1. Lily and the Lady pops up at Snip.Snip

On sunday, my online shop turned into an offline one for a day last sunday at Snip.Snip! I had so much fun and it was a real success, I’m still buzzing a bit!  You can find more pictures here!

Lily and the Lady pops up at Snip.Snip, Antwerp

Lily and the Lady at Snip.Snip pop up

Lily and the lady pop up store at Snip.Snip, Antwerp

 Pictures (c) Nathalie De Schepper

2. The cute cups Cara gave me

My dear friend Cara is the queen of Vintage, as I already told you here. For my birthday, she gave me some vintage teacups that are both futuristic and nostalgic. Makes drinking coffee even better!


3. New Essie nail polish

You rarely catch me without nail polish, but the past few weeks I thought I give my nails a break. This weekend I “rewarded” myself with a bright new Essie polish called “Rosebowl”. Luurv.


4. Castello Cavalcanti

I already posted this one on my facebook page but I thought it deserved another mention: the new Wes Anderson for Prada Fashion Film is amazing.

5. Tablebooker app


One of the things I loved about living in London when we went out for dinner, was the fact that you could make a reservation online for nearly every restaurant. We would even book a table up to an hour before, jump on the bus and go. No fuss, you immediately know if there’s room for you or not. Since I’ve moved to Antwerp, I’ve noticed that this has gotten a lot harder. Try getting a reservation for a small group of people just a few days in advance: you end up calling restaurants for 45 minutes (been there). No fun. Enter Tablebooker, a new iPhone app that immediately shows you which restaurants still have room to seat you and your party. Tablebooker is the first Belgian app for realtime reservations, and you can even let the restaurant know in the comments that you have food restrictions. What a blessing for people like me!


The launch of this app was celebrated at Brasserie Wouter with a traditional and very yummy Belgian meal. Hope to go back there sometime soon!

Tablebooker-app- Nathalie approves!

P.S. The android version of the app is coming, but in the meantime, Tablebooker has a good responsive site (Believe me, I checked :))

Young Creatives: Lies Wambacq

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Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Lies, collector of pretty things! New or old, it doesn’t matter, I am looking for a story. I love hanging around at Flea Markets and thrift stores. I grew up without a TV which gave me a lot of time to make things. Everything my parents said I couldn’t have, I tried to make myself. Even a Tamagotchi! I’m  a collector of accessories: shoes, jewellery, handbags… Before I die, I’d love to have seen every capital in the world. Travel is my favorite form of recreation, I always return with a suitcase and head full of inspiration. I love food and cooking, experimenting with ingrediënts is the ultimate freedom. My boyfriend owns two record labels and music is always on my mind. At concerts, I just let go of everything. And whenever there’s music around, I start dancing!
Why did you choose jewelry design?

As a child, I always thought i’d be a fashion designer. But after reading an interview in De Standaard Magazine with Wouters & Hendrix, I realized I could also study jewelry design. I was fascinated by the thought of transforming something hard like a kind of metal into a piece of jewelry. Fire plays a big role in this process and keeps fascinating me.

Our engagement at Cuadra San Cristobal!

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t has been almost a year since we got married and as promised I’m starting to spill the beans on all the wedding details, starting with our… engagement! People often think I’m lying when I say I had no idea Dieter was going to propose to me on our Mexico trip, but it’s true!  We’d been together for nine years and went to many equally stunning countries, and though we both had spoken about our hypothetical wedding many times over the years, it was always something that seemed far away in the future. I never had a doubt in my mind it would happen, the timeframe was just a bit of a mystery.
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Casa de Serralves, A pink Art Deco lover’s dream

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Image © Taste of Portugal


orto has just moved up on my bucket list, because I wouldn’t mind spending an afternoon at Casa de Serralves, an Art Deco lover’s dream! In many ways it reminds me of Villa Cavrois, but with two extra advantages: it’s in a warmer climate and there’s more pink. You can feel me swooning all the way from here to where you are, right?

Have a look at these amazing images of the place made by Liliana from the online magazine Taste of Portugal, a must visit website if you are looking for Portugal travel tips or are interested in Portuguese design.

Casa de Serralves was built between 1925 and 1944 and is a rare example of Streamline Moderne Architecture. The villa is now part of the Serralves Foundation in Porto’s western suburbs, Its first owner was Carlos Alberto Cabral, the second Count of Vizela , a man with a passion for contemporary  architecture who was part of Porto’s industrial elite. He commissioned architect José Marques da Silva to construct the Villa, a proces he was closely involved in.

Make sure you check out more images here.

The Epic Guide to Havana

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avana… Guys, I have been wanting to write this guide for sooo long, and finally, here we are! If you ever have the chance to  travel to Cuba and visit Havana, do not hesitate. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. As a tourist, it’s a wonderful place to visit. An enchanting timecapsule in technicolor, unlike any other country in the world. Which is of course why it’s a whole different story when you live there. We talked to locals  who discribed their country as a “golden cage”, who had family in Miami they knew they’d never see again, and no matter how you look at that, it’s a tough situation.  We saw youth hang around outside hotels to get their hands on a WIFI card and get online with their laptops, something I think none of us can ever imagine as everyday life. But the vibes, the people, and the colors of this beautiful island make it one of my favorite places I’ve ever visited.

The Epic Guide to Havana - noglitternoglory.com