New Year New Goals // Spend more time in the kitchen

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ince it’s still the beginning of 2018, I thought I’d make a mini series about the goals I’ve set for myself this year. The past few years my new years resolutions were very brief and focussed mainly around being kind to myself and respecting my own health, but this year it’s all about clear goals.

The first one I wanted to talk about today? Spending more time in the kitchen. Fun fact: I’m not a bad cook, if I want to be. My dad’s a wonderful cook and I inherited his skill of whipping together a meal when there’s seemingly nothing in the fridge (and then being awfully smug about it). But when a busy schedule gets the better of me, I hate cooking and we end up ordering in way too much or eat junk food and waste money on stuff that’s not at all healthy for us. 

When I’m organized and take the time to prepare my meals and drinks with care it makes me feel a lot more balanced and happy. There’s something about cooking that really calms me down. It doesn’t all have to be extremely healthy, but at least I know what I’m putting into my body because I make the majority of the meals myself. Simple and basic, I know, but I guess we all need a reminder of the simple things at one time or another.


Since I’m still me, of course my new cooking habit goes hand in hand with making our kitchen and its contents prettier. I’m super happy with my recent kitchen additions from Flinders. The Menu Echasse bowl I’ve been ogling for a long while is a perfect eyecatcher, and the details of this item are so beautiful. I love the seamless brass legs and heavy tinted glass, it’s absolutely perfect. I also added some more brass items to my collection: the Tom Dixon Form teapot and bowls. Some might argue that I already had quite enough brass in our home but I say they are wrong. Plus this little teapot is the perfect size for one person. It makes me smile when I’m making tea before bed at night. It may sound silly, but these beautiful objects really help me stick to my routines.


One month in I’m pleased to say I’ve been right on track with cooking.

So I thought I’d share some links to a few recipe’s I’ve loved making:

*These vegan cinnamon rolls were lovely during Christmas break

*This Noodle bowl took me straight back to Vietnam

*Jamie’s sweet potato and chickpea curry 

*This Thai cashew coconut rice

And my absolute favorite:

*This pear and hazelnut cake with cardammom I made when we had friends over

I’m curious to hear about your resolutions? Did you make any?


Tom Dixon Form tea pot and bowls & Menu Echasse bowl via Flinders // Jars teacups // Marble via Il Granito // Maisons du Monde tea container // IKEA cutting board // Dille & Kamille sugar sticks

This post is written in collaboration with Flinders but as always, all views are entirely my own.