My 5 favourite Home Rituals

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ou may have noticed on social media that I had a shoot with Rituals a few weeks ago. They asked me to share some of my favourite uses of their products and scents for Nest Magazine and I was happy to take part.

You see, for me, Rituals was the first brand that even made me come into contact with home scents. When I was a university student in Leuven, I’d spend some of my budget on their “under a fig tree” candle, and it always made my room feel like home. Plus, it felt like such a luxurious splurge that was at the same time well within reach of my student budget.

It’s the small, everyday things that help me structure my busy schedule.

Today I wanted to share some tips for balance if you’re a scatterbrain like me. As a freelancer, I have a very diverse schedule, which is fun but also difficult. One day I’m shooting photos on location, one day I’m stuck behind my desk. I’ve discovered that for me, it’s the small, everyday things that help me structure my busy schedule.

Not coincidentally, this is completely in line with Rituals’ core values. The brand is all about slowing down, taking a step back and enjoying the moment, whether it’s in your beauty or home routine. Finding comfort in everyday moments and making them more enjoyable.

I don’t always follow my own advice, like everything in life it’s been trial and error, but the things below help me to structure my days, so I thought they might help you too.


1.Slow mornings
I’m not really a morning person, I usually work too late and have a lot of trouble falling asleep. As a result, I usually have trouble getting out of bed when I have to be somewhere early and I used start the morning running late which is an absolute recipe for disaster for the rest of your day. Now I try to get up at least 1,5 hour to 2 hours before I have to be somewhere and I try to start my mornings slow: with a good breakfast, a cup of mint tea to awaken my senses and some “time to waste”. 


My favourite yoga teacher always says that the time you need yoga most is when you don’t have time to do yoga. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes, roll out the mat during the mornings or evenings, spray the soothing scent of the Ayurveda body mist on your mat and breathe. Your day or night will be so much better! Not into Yoga? Try meditation, even a few minutes of guided meditation using the Rituals App can make a big difference.


I am obsessed with scented candles. They are welcoming when you have guests, they are comforting when you want to unwind after a long day. There is something about lighting a candle (preferably with a match) that really says “relax, you’re home”. I really love the look and smell of Rituals’ Private Collection, so luxurious.


I love baths. I take one almost every day and prefer a DIY spa treatment at home over one at a resort. The Ritual of Hammam has been a longtime favourite of mine, the scent of Eucalyptus always makes me feel reborn.


5.Take time to take care
I hate it when everything in my home feels like a mess. When the laundry has been piling up, our house is in disarray and I haven’t cooked a decent meal for myself in a while, I start feeling overwhelmed and anxious. This was the first thing I used to postpone when my schedule got a bit crazy, but now I try to take a little time to keep up with these things to create a little calm in my head. Nothing like wearing a nice smelling freshly ironed blouse to feel well put together and in charge.

Read the interview in Dutch here.

Images by Marc Wallican