Living Room Reveal

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appy new week guys! After 3 years in our home, the living room is finally coming together and it’s making me all kinds of happy. I’m almost ashamed to show you the progress of my living room, because I have to link back to some earlier posts showing you the early stages of the space. But at the same time it’s ok, because when we bought this home there were in our mid twenties and although pinterest/instagram will have you believe otherwise sometimes, it’s okay not to have EVERYTHING from the get-go. We didn’t have the perfect furniture for the space when we moved in and it took some time to find the right things and that’s normal, it makes it so much more fun when you finally do!

Which brings me to our new sofa. THE Sofa for this space.  It’s already our third here and I’ll quickly round up the “evolution”. When we moved in, our Chesterfield sofa moved with us. It’s currently pretty beaten up but I love it, albeit not in our space. Our former living room looked like this, which was very vintage, but not too “brown”, yet when we moved into our new space with its dark stained floors, I became so fixated on how heavy and dark all our furniture was. It’s currently in our bedroom (which used to be the office) but will move to Dieter’s new office space soon. Then we bought a gorgeous midcentury sofa, but somehow the proportions always felt slightly off to me. This beauty will soon move to the bedroom.


And then there’s the new kid in town, the beautiful Harper Sofa by Sofacompany in green velvet, which is per-fect for our space and is honestly the most cosy of all three sofa’s we’ve owned. Which is obviously the most important thing, but it doesn’t hurt that it’s gorgeous. As Sofacompany offers almost unlimited customizing options, we doubted only for a second about the colour and fabric before settling on the green velvet. It ties the hallway and our living room together and makes me smile every time I walk through the door so yes, I’m very happy with that.

As I showed you here, when we went shopping for our new sofa, we played around with 3 options. We eventually landed on the Harper because it seemed like the most comfy option, it spoke to our midcentury loving hearts and we loved how it looked in the showroom in the green velvet. So here is the current state of our living / dining area and hallway. Go to the end of the post for the befores and afters and let me know what you think!


DSC_8393 DSC_8444  DSC_8419

Before & After:




Harper sofa in green velvet from Sofacompany // Brass & glass table lamp from the IC Lights collection designed by Michael Anastassiades for Flos // Jaime Hayon Ikebana Vase for Fritz Hansen // Ikea carpet // Elevated Gemma trey from XL Boom // Blue carpet from Kwantum // Pendant light from Maisons du Monde // Dining room light from La Redoute// Lamp from Juttu // Lipstick artwork by Michiel Pelerents // Marble via Il Granito // Serax Vase // Calathea in the hallway via The Plant Corner // Sony Speaker // Vintage Sofa via Modest Furniture

A lot of other items are vintage or travel souvenirs
If you have any more questions, let me know!