Picking out our new sofa

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allieHi guys! Our new Sofaompany acquisition has just arrived, and I’m super excited!

Dieter and I have been very into the velvet trend from day one so a while back we decided it was time to add some more velvet to our own life. So after a lot of online research, we headed over to the Sofacompany showroom in Antwerp to pick out our dose of velvet. So I thought id would be fun to show you the three options we considered before making our final choice (which you may or may not have spotted on Instagram stories when we picked it out).


I loved this model right away, with its clean lines, the grey velvet fabric and brass legs.  It’s an easy and versatile piece to style, especially in grey, while still adding a touch of glamour to your home. DSC_1346

Style it up?


Asha velours sofa // Coffee table // Kentia Palm // Yellow pillow  // Cat pillow // Rug


I went back and forth about harper a few times, but it ultimately fits my aesthetic perfectly. It’s modern with a midcentury touch and it’s available for testing in the showroom in the most beautiful shade of green!


Style it up?



Harper Sofa // Ottoman //Rug // Strelizia // Pillow // Pillow // Coffee table


Oh Allie, you’re quite something! This gal’s a real eyecatcher with her sassy shape and elegant brass legs, and we were thinking of adding two to the living room to complement our midcentury sofa.


Style it up?


Allie Chairs // Side Table // standing lamp // Monstera Deliciosa // Rug


So what’s your favorite? Any idea which one(s) made it into our living room? There’s a blogpost coming up with the styled result and why we chose what we chose, but I’ll show you a quick look on my instagram stories soon!

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This post was made in collaboration with Sofacompany. As always, all views and opinions are entirely my own.