Around the House #6

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Hi guys! I’m back from Mexico and can’t wait to show you more of our trip!  It’s been one to remember, especially because Dieter and I came back engaged! Wowza! But more on that later, I’m rewinding a bit further to show you some changes in our home.

If you follow me on Instagram stories, you may have seen me freak out about not knowing what to do with this room right here. You see, I started painting it in Farrow & Ball Hague Blue a while back, when it was still our bedroom. We always envisioned our bedroom to be a bit of a “suite” situated next to our closet space, with only the necessities: a bed, nightstands and my vanity table. The bigger room/second bedroom served as an office for both Dieter and myself, as the smaller room was way too small for two people who work from home.

Two years ago Dieter moved his office to another space, so I was left with a huge office, which still served its purpose as I had some mannequins and clothing from my webshop hanging around most times, waiting to be photographed. But then we closed down the webshop and the office became a bit of a mess, so we decided to get rid of the tv in the living room, add a beamer and then it served as an office/cinema room (more about that here).

As we were sleeping on a mattress in the bigger room we noticed we slept better and it got us thinking, why not switch the rooms around? So now I have the smaller room as my office, which made a tiny bedroom but definitely a decent sized bedroom, and the bigger room is now our bedroom, the cinema room and the place where I do yoga: a place that’s 100% about relaxing.

Meanwhile, here’s a first look at the office. It’s not quite finished, but that’s what you get for changing things around: none of the furniture quite fits anymore. But that’s a whole new challenge!

DSCF7063Farrow & Ball Hague Blue  // vintage chair, vase, pot // Dille & Kamille flowerpot