Around The House #5

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The 15 minute fireplace upgrade that makes all the difference! / No Glitter No Glory


i guys, how have you been? I’ve been struggling a bit with winter blues over here. The lack of sunshine in Belgium is definitely bugging me. It happens every year around this time and while last year I was lucky enough to beat my blues with a whole week in Barcelona, this year we’re staying put for the first months of the year (although we have trips planned later this year).

So I’m dreaming of my sunny getaway and infusing some happy vibes inside our home. My preferred way of doing so involves a lot of flowers and DIY, as you may know if you’ve been following me for a while. After visiting my friend Sarah’s amazing new place, I fell in love with her moody walls and thought my home needed less white walls and more punch. Luckily, my friends at Farrow & Ball agreed, and we made arrangements for two projects. The paint arrived on monday, and in just two evenings I have finished my first project: transforming my kitchen with a coat of Pitch Black. It looks amazing and I can not wait to photograph the space and show you! There’s a little preview on instagram right here.

Since I had some Pitch Black left I used it for a 15 minute revamp of our fireplace. It adds a bit of much needed contrast in the living room. Both the boyfriend and I love it, as it feels a lot more luxurious. What do you think? Do you like it better now or before?

Spring flowers / No Glitter No GlorySpring flowers / No Glitter No GloryThe 15 minute fireplace upgrade that makes all the difference! / No Glitter No GloryFarrow & Ball Pitch Black // Dille & Kamille Candles // Serax Fish vase // H&M Home lantern // HK Living brass bee via Juttu //IKEA Pink carafe used as vase