Around The House #4

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appy 2017 friends! The past weeks have been filled with a loooot of holiday festivities (we had the last party this weekend) a short trip to The Hague (some pictures on my instagram @patriciagoijens) and a lot of decluttering, organizing and home improving.

After a chaotic few years I really felt the need to tackle 2017 well prepared, and I’m happy to say that I finally feel like I have done my best to create order in the chaos, letting go of things I didn’t need any longer and treating myself to things I felt would elevate and simplify my everyday life. There was just so much stuff around me at all times, and getting rid of earthly possessions has never been my strong suit, but this time I channeled Marie Kondo as much as I possibly could. I also did a whole lot of DIYs around the house, but more on that later.


I can honestly say I have never felt more like a grown up than when I bought a matching set of fluffy white towels with my boyfriend during the Christmas break. Not even when we purchased our apartment. Both my boyfriend and I love taking baths in our wonderful bathroom (if you’re new, check it out here). It’s such a zen experience in our big tub, but it’s a bit sad when afterwards you dry yourself with a starchy pink towel from the eighties you found buried in your parents attic. No bueno.

So partly inspired by this article, to complete the spa like experience, beautiful matching white towels. Now to keep them white and soft… I’ll keep you posted on my findings. I hope your year has started out well!

Towels from Marie Marie