End of year gifting with Juttu

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i guys! Are you getting into the holiday spirit yet? I’ve been working on a few Christmas related assignments, so I’ve been feeling very Christmassy since the beginning of december, even though I didn’t get the chance to put up my tree yet until this weekend! I also haven’t had the time to go Christmas shopping, but that’s less of a problem since I don’t really like crowds and as an avid online shopper I find it so much more efficient to click together what I want/need and have it delivered.dsc_4103

That’s also why I was very happy to collaborate with Juttu to show you my favorite interior gifts from their webshop. If you haven’t met Juttu yet, let me introduce you: Juttu is a Belgian concept store that offers everything from beauty to fashion to home decor with a focus on fair trade, local initiatives and timeless and unique design. Right up my alley! They have fantastic stores in Antwerp, Roeselare and Bruges where you can browse for hours, but they also have a very well stocked online store, yay!

Honestly, I love all these gifts so much I’ll probably end up keeping them for myself and ordering them again, haha!


So let me show you my favorite shop picks: 

-For the entertainer: marble coasters.

Great for when you’re having people over for drinks, but these are not your regular coasters! They are marble, and extra fancy, thus you are less likely to forget to use them. All the wins!

For the plant lady: Serax pot & wire plant stand

An amazing combo for every plant lover: A beautiful wire plant stand and cute pot to make your favorite plant stand out.

-For the minimalist: Marble lamp

Winter is the best time to bring some light into your life and this marble lamp is perfect for doing that. Beautiful and minimal.

-For the collector: brass bee

A beautiful alternative for an artwork or poster on your walls!

-For the magpie: Brass candlesticks (small & big)

Minimalist and timeless, these candlesticks come in various colours, but I feel all brass is a classic and you can’t really go wrong with these.

-For anyone who likes a hot beverage in winter, really: The most beautiful set of ceramic mugs.

I’ve been ogling these for so long, together with the bowls, so this is most definitely something I am keeping for myself, ha! I love the idea of a set that is just a bit different, and these beautiful ceramics are even dishwasher friendly!