Around the House #3

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Vanity table makeover in Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball


i guys! This weekend very much evolved around Farrow & Ball for me. On friday afternoon and saturday I did a mini makeover of my vanity table and on sunday I headed to the UK for a trip to London and Dorset to visit their factory. And to enjoy all the pretty things the UK has to offer, of course. It was an amazing trip, I enjoyed exploring on my own and meeting lovely bloggers from all around the world, I’m still buzzing about it.

Those of you who follow me on social media may have already seen the behind the scenes on Instagram (& Instagram stories), I was so impressed by this efficient tiny factory and I have to say that I definitely grew to love the brand even more, but I will tell you all about that later!

Back to the mini makeover! I’m currently focusing on all things bedroom. I still owe you a post on my DIY bedframe, I’m adding some colour and I’m planning to collaborate with Dutch brand Dille & Kamille for the finishing touches and the full reveal. Today is all about the vanity though, and one of my alltime favorite colours by Farrow & Ball: Stiffkey Blue. God, this is a gorgeous blue. So gorgeous that our green hallway was almost our blue hallway, and I’ve been looking for just the right place to use it in our home. 

I first wanted our bedroom to be all white, but as I’m permanently in a love story evolving around all things colour, I got bored of it pretty quickly. So my vanity table that I “inherited” from my mom and have been lugging around since I was 14 seemed like the perfect place to start. It always felt very French to me, and while I can appreciate the dainty, feminine and sophisticated vibe of that style, it feels less and less like me. Stiffkey Blue was the perfect partner in crime to toughen this piece of furniture up a bit so I can keep lugging it around for another 14 years. Now it feels more “London” than “Paris” to me, and it fits me much better, if that makes sense.

I switched the drawer pulls, added some DIY “art” (everything looks so much better in a frame) and gave the Muji containers that I used for my jewelry a new life storing make up. I also switched the mirror for the mirror/ jewelry display I designed with Dieter and Il Granito, something I have yet to properly introduce, but you’ve seen the other products here. So what do you think? Hope you like it!

Vanity table makeover in Stiffkey Blue Vanity table makeover in Stiffkey BlueVanity table makeover in Stiffkey Blue // Before and after

Here’s a shot of me and the vanity table as it was in our previous home. They shot for Flair Magazine back in 2011. Yep that’s right, 5 years ago. I look so perky and vintage.

Vanity table makeover in Stiffkey Blue // Before

Stiffkey Blue  Estate Eggshell c/o Farrow & Ball // Vanity mirror and jewelry holder designed by me in collaboration with Dieter Vander Velpen and Il Granito // Muji clear boxes // IKEA lamp and frame // DIY “Artwork” // Vintage Chair // Brass pot from the Recollection// Amara Living candle // H&M Home brass pulls

Want to see how the vanity table looked before? Check it out here and here.

Find my initial all white bedroom inspiration here.

All images my own, except for the last (c) Karel Daems