10 Travel Essentials for Vietnam

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10 Travel Essentials for VietnamLa Redoute bathing suit


reetings from Hoi An, Vietnam! How has your summer kicked off? We’ve been enjoying everything Vietnam has to offer, if you’d like to follow along, both my boyfriend and I have been pretty active on Instagram.  I thought it would be nice to share some of the things I have packed for our trip with you! There are some new additions and some things I always take on our trips, so let’s get started.

10 Travel Essentials for Vietnam

Sennheiser Headphones // Wallpaper City guide // Blackeye Lenses // Caption Base and Top coat // Dou My Hands Hand Sanitizer // Kiehl’s facial mist // Rituals Deodorant // Bite away

1. Pocket size (luxury) products

It’s really hot and sweaty in Vietnam at the moment, with temperatures of about 36°C. I always like to take some luxurious feeling & smelling bodycare products in travel sizes. Like Rituals shower foam and deodorant and H&M face masks. I leave my most expensive products at home and replace them with easy travel sized packages that make me feel wonderful after a long hot day in the sun. Exception: my Darphin skincare essentials: face wash, day cream, cc cream and sunscreen that doesn’t cause breakouts.

2. Kiehl’s Eucalyptus lip relief & facial mist

This is a duo I’ve been packing for long haul flights for a few years now. It’s a refreshing facial mist that feels heavenly when you’ve been stuck in your seat for 7 hours, and the lip balm has eucalyptus, which tingles and hydrates, making your dried out lips feel so much better.

3. Blackeye lenses

Since traveling with my DSLR isn’t always that convenient, I wanted something that was a little more discreet for the moments you don’t want to be snapping away with a big lens. So I reached out to the people of Blackeye to test their 2 in 1 combo: a wide angle lens and 20x macro lens you can easily snap onto your smartphone. I’ve been getting most use out of the wide angle, which has produced the loveliest shot of my cat George, some very nice snaps from gatherings with friends and some great images of the Ho Chi Minh Cityscape. Below is an example of a picture taken with the macro lens, crazy right!

10 Travel Essentials for Vietnam

4. Bite away

Ever since my friend Anna-Belle got Dengue fever right here in Vietnam, I’ve been a bit obsessed with preventing mosquito bites in tropical destinations. Despite my efforts and way too much Deet I’ve been bitten quite a few times during our trip (I always do), I guess my blood is irresistible. I always end up scratching, so this year I’ve packed Bite Away, a little machine that neutralizes pain and itching from insect bites and stings. It uses heath to break down the venom from insects without damaging the skin. The first few times you use it, it’s a bit painful as it does get piping hot, but I’m happy to say that for me and my boyfriend, it has helped a lot!

5. Hand sanitizer

I wouldn’t describe myself as a germaphobe, but when I’m traveling to a new destination I never know how dirty or clean it’s going to be. Over here in Vietnam, the facilities in public places often have a sink but no soap, so I always feel it’s good to carry around hand sanitizer. Regardless of destination, I also like it for long haul flights. There’s something about clean hands that always makes me feel instantly freshened up.

10 Travel Essentials for VietnamLa Redoute Maxi dress // Chuck Taylor All Stars // River Island sandals (old)

6. My favorite travel shoes

Apart from the usual flip flops etc, there is one shoe I always take with me regardless of weather conditions: my Chuck Taylor All Stars. My feet are really sensitive and it is the ONLY pair of shoes that have failed to give me blisters, ever! I’ve even gotten blisters on the soles of my feet from Birkenstocks one time, although they are still on my packing list (no TEVA’s for me, sorry!)

7. My own headphones

This one goes hand in hand with travel pillows, eye masks and ear plugs on planes, but I feel this one works even better for me to eliminate the outside world during my flight. It’s good to escape in your own world/the in flight entertainment. My headphones are Sennheiser Momentum on ear and they are per-fect.

8. Wallpaper city guide

If there is a wallpaper city guide available for my destination, it’s in my bag. It is my absolute favorite travel guide for any destination. The hotels are usually above my price range, but the restaurants are usually great and it’s the best indication of the areas where design lovers like my boyfriend and I want to be in a city.

9. Caption Base & Top coat

I almost always have nail polish on, and especially when traveling, I don’t want to be applying it every other day. So I’ve found that the caption base and top coat works really well in preventing chips and makes any polish last so much longer. It also dries three times faster than regular polish.

10. DO bring your fancy dress & shoes

They always say you’ll never wear your heels on holiday, but once I was in a club in Mumbai on my Birkenstocks with a top bun and I felt so out of place between all the girls with the high heels and glamourous hair I decided to take a pair of heels and a fancy outfit no matter where I was traveling. Up until now, I’ve used my fancy outfit every trip and it has prevented me from feeling like a tourist when we visit nice restaurants and bars, which I love.

10 Travel Essentials for Vietnam

Hat from Santorini //Bag from Springfield

So, My work here is done I’m heading over to the pool. How about you? What are your travel essentials?

PS: All images were taken at our hotel in Hoi An: East West Villas. Highly recommend!