DIY Stamped Napkins

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DIY Stamped Napkins -


 came across some beautiful Serena & Lily napkins on Pinterest a while back but they were sold out (plus the shipping and taxes from the USA would probably cost me more than the napkins themselves). Soooo I decided to stamp some napkins myself for an extra touch. They are loosely inspired by the Serena & Lily ones, but painted in stead of embroidered to make things easier. Here’s how I made them!

DIY Stamped Napkins - noglitternoglory.comYou’ll need:

*plain white napkins (Mine are from Dille & Kamille)
*textile paint (If you’re in Antwerp, available at AVA , Schleiper & De Wieuw)
*paint brushes
*an old piece of textile for testing
*stanley knife
*foam to make your stamp
*a pin/ skewer

DIY Stamped Napkins -

1. Cut out your triangle shape using your ruler and stanley knife and paste it onto two more layers of foam, creating a stamp. I measured my stamp so it would make 9 triangles on the napkin.

2. Create a pattern in your triangle you like using a skewer and a stanley knife.

3. Test your stamp on an old fabric. you get the best result if the fabric resembles the one of your napkins, but I didn’t have old cotton lying around so I tried it on a jersey tee and it gave me an indication. It’s good to know how much paint you need to apply on the stamp and how much pressure to use. At this point you can also test if the pattern you made is what you want. I decided to add an extra line. The pattern below is the one I settled on.


4. Lay out your napkin on a plastic surface like a placemat or a garbage bag to avoid getting paint on your table.

5. Start stamping your napkin from one side to the other. I found it best to use as little paint as possible, to avoid smudges. Do keep in mind that a little smudging will be impossible to avoid.

6. Let the paint dry & ta-daaa, there you have your new napkins!

DIY Stamped Napkins -

DIY Stamped Napkins -

DIY Stamped Napkins -

DIY Stamped Napkins -

  • Hannelore
    March 29, 2016

    Ha, dat had ik ook gedaan voor de verjaardag van mijn moeder! Al zien die van jou er wel nog net iets beter gelukt uit, echt mooi!

    • Patricia
      March 29, 2016

      Dank je 🙂 Zo leuk om dat zelf te knutselen he!

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