Home Renovation: Closet Inspiration & Moodboard

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Home Renovation: Pink Closet Inspiration & MoodboardBy now the closet is 99% finished, but before I finally reveal the results later this week, I wanted to share our inspiration, plans and progress!

So let’s start with our inspiration: The Grand Budapest Hotel meets Sketch.

Home Renovation: Pink Closet Inspiration & Moodboard

Clockwise from top left: The Grand Budapest Hotel //Pink couch by Ye Rin Mok via Kissing eyes //Romeo Sozzi’s Milan apartment via Architectural Digest Italy// Azucena stool designed by Luigi Caccia Dominioni in 1963 // India Mahdavi’s Sketch // Pink Palace in Jaipur, India  (unknown source)// Pink door via Paris Apartment

Yup, pink!

I know it’s the colour of the year, but it wasn’t Pantone that inspired my decision to go all pink in the closet. We always knew we wanted the closet to be a colourful showstopper, but at first we were planning to paint it the colour teal of our previous hallway because we loved it so much. Remember this one?


Then we decided to paint our new hallway green, and since you can see our closet space from our hallway, the colour combination of the two seemed just a bit too much.

One day I came home and told Dieter that I would love to paint the closet pink. All pink, not just the walls, but the closet and ceiling as well. I imagined a classy, soft room with brass details, that was despite the pink colour, modern and not too girly. I was a bit surprised when Dieter immediately said yes, when it comes to interiors, we’re a great team, but I suspected this was one bridge too far. I was wrong, he loved it!

So we started planning and made a render of what the closet would look like: Home Renovation: Closet Inspiration & Moodboard


With that it was decided!

Now all we needed to do was find the right paint. Farrow & Ball has the most beautiful hues, and we suspected either Middleton Pink, Calamine and Pink Ground would be a good fit. As luck would have it, Farrow & Ball contacted me and they were happy to collaborate with me on this project.

They sent us the samples and once they were on the wall, it was quite clear: “our pink” was Pink Ground.

Home Renovation: Closet Inspiration & Moodboard

In the past year and a half I have painted almost every room in the house, but I always knew this would be a hassle. I was right, as you can see in the quick video below:

It’s now been about ten days that we’ve been sleeping on the floor, and the mess has not gotten better! But now I’m selecting what goes back into the closet and what will be donated, so pretty soon all will go back to normal. Or a new version of normal because I now have a pink closet, yay! The results will be online soon…