An afternoon at Thermae Boetfort

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his week, the boyfriend and I had two unexpected mini breaks on our agenda. The latest was awhirlwind trip to Barcelona with Vueling, but earlier this week we had a sunny break at Thermae Boetfort. While Barcelona was inspiring and bustling as always, Thermae Boetfort was an excellent place for us to finally really relax. No phones, no e-mails, just a moment of peace and quiet.

No phones, no e-mails, just a moment of peace and quiet.




DSC_6447DSC_6417Via we were offered a massage at Thermae Boetfort, a beautiful spa complex and hotel in an old castle that was renovated in 2010. As my neck and shoulders have been sore every day for the past 5 years, this seemed like a pretty solid plan. We both chose the Spanish massage, a firm massage where they stretch out all your muscles (and limbs) to massage them more thoroughly. The result was amazing. I kind of loved that with all the stretching, the whole thing sometimes reminded me of yoga! And honestly, we both felt reborn afterwards and I couldn’t remember the last time my shoulder was unblocked.DSC_6419kopieDSC_6420

After our massage, we had access to the Boetfort wellness. Usually I’m not a wellness freak because I’m quite picky about this stuff. I love being in water, but usually only in private baths and quiet outdoor pools, because I’m actually pretty uptight and easily grossed out by public pools and spa’s. I was happy to hear that Boetfort has an area where swimsuits are obligatory, and even more to discover that everything was super clean! We ended up using the steam bath, jacuzzi and relaxation pool, but they also have different types of sauna’s. The complex is big and well-maintained, the staf is friendly and it was a perfect spot to unwind. We ended our day swimming in the outdoor pool (in april, in Belgium!), and drying in the afternoon sunlight while sipping tasty homemade peach ice teas.



I’m a complete wellness convert after my day at Boetfort. A spa day like this is much needed (and deserved) when you work hard and your work isn’t exactly an average 9 to 5. So my boyfriend and I decided we’ll do this every now and then, create a perfect mini break for two and relax. And when we do, we’ll probably be heading to Thermae Boetfort.DSC_6412 DSC_6409


Practical info:

Thermae Boetfort is open every day from 10:30 until midnight.
There is parking in front of the complex and Melsbroek is only a 25 minute drive from Antwerp (which actually surprised me).
The spa arrangements can be easily booked via, where you can also find useful reviews from other visitors!

Pool area image by Thermae Boetfort, edited by me. All other images by me.