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couple of months ago, I got a lovely e-mail from the people over at Darphin to hear if I wanted to test some of their products. I’m a bit cautious when it comes to testing any type of skin care I don’t select myself, because I have really difficult skin.

If my skin were a person, it would have Peter Pan syndrome. And that can mean only one thing: acne.

As I write this down, I’ve gone somewhere where I usually don’t like to go. Because I’m already so self conscious about it. Because it’s embarrassing. Because it’s something that has been a part of my life ever since I was a teenager. And while I was a teenager, and even in my early twenties, I sort of assumed that once I got older, it would all just go away. Well, I’m 27 years old, and guess what? My acne never went away. It’s even gotten worse since I’ve been looking for a solution for the pill that doesn’t make me have splitting migraines.

I won’t bore you with every little detail, but the point of my story is, when I find products that work for me, I feel I have to share, because those of you out there with similar problems might benefit from using similar products.

When I find products that work for me, I feel I have to share, because those of you out there with similar problems might benefit from using similar products.

Apart from the products I use, there are three things I’ve found out over the years that I try to stick by:

1. Everyone tells you to not pick at your face, and while in theory that’s all great, I think there are few people who don’t. If and when you do, wash your hands and/or use a tissue. Be careful not to push dirt and sebum back into your skin.

2. Don’t use products that are too aggressive, they often have an opposite effect.

3. Change pillow cases and towels often.


ack to Darphin! A little background information on the brand: Darphin’s origins lie in France, where it was founded by Pierre Darphin in 1958. The brand uses botanical ingredients to create a mild yet effective range of skincare that is available via pharmacies in Belgium.

All too often, I’ve walked past their products, but when you do not know where to start, it’s difficult to choose. This time however, I had the expert opinion of Nina from Darphin to help me make the right choices, and in no time, a package was delivered for me containing products that would benefit my skin: the Revitalizing Oil, the Aromatic Purifying balm, the Hydraskin Intensive Skin-Hydrating Serum and Overnight Refining Lotion.

All our products are wonderful, but my absolute favorites are the Aromatic Purifying balm and Hydraskin Intensive Skin-Hydrating Serum, who have made it into my daily skincare routine ever since their arrival. These products are simply amazing. Light, pleasant and calming for my often inflamed skin.


The balm is one of the best products I have -ever- tested. It is meant to be used overnight, but I’ve found myself applying it during the day to stop inflammation and swelling whenever I feel a breakout coming up, and I have to say nothing has worked quite as well in the past. Unlike many other products, it doesn’t dry out my skin, it just seems to be the right mix of ingredients to calm it. And judging by the raving reviews I’ve read around the internet, I’m not alone in my love for this product.


The serum is such a light yet hydrating potion, which seems to work so much better for me than many day creams. After my positive experiences with these products, I hurried to my local pharmacy to get the CC cream, a product I would also recommend.

So, what can I say? It’s a rare occasion when you find me raving about skincare products as I’m doing now. A+ for everything I’ve tested from the brand, this one’s a keeper.