Home Renovation: Lavatory Inspiration

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ver the easter weekend I got my hands dirty and started painting the house again. I realized recently that it’s been almost a year since we moved in, and although we’ve finished many of our projects, there are still big parts of our flat that remain unfinished. Our dressing, (another) hallway, the doors and frames in the office and bedroom, our bathroom (it doesn’t show on the pictures, but it is definitely not done yet) all still needed a layer of paint and some TLC. The smallest yet maybe the most annoying room? Right, the restroom. The place with a million extra corners where we have kept the tiles on the walls so we didn’t have to remove the toilet. Funny how you’d do things differently afterwards huh?

Yesterday I got sick of overthinking how I was going to paint the room, so I just started on it with some supplies I still had left in the house. I hope to show you the results this week, but here are some inspiration pictures. Some of these aren’t even bathrooms, but hey you get the idea right? Can you guess which color we chose? 😉


Images via:  AD franceDustjacket attic,  Milk Magazine, Emma’s design blog, Michael Dawkins Home, 47 park AvenueNuevo Estilo via My design EthosMiron Loves You,