Black, White & Denim

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Black, white & denim

very february when our summer collection arrives, I feel overwhelmed by a longing for spring. It’s a bit confusing, because at the same time we’re also picking out new items for next fall, so we’re totally bombarded with new impulses. I don’t have the best memory when it comes to numbers and figures, but lucky for me I do when it comes to colours, textures, shapes and prints, helping me to keep track of all our purchases.

This outfit was shot when we chose collection for Nice Things last week, and since it was only moderately cold outside as opposed to the -14°C in NYC a couple days before, I decided to take my new faux leather Magdalena skirt out for a bare legged spin. To compensate, I added an extra layer on top in the form of my denim jacket and voila, not that cold at all! Somewhere far away I can feel spring calling, we just have to hang in there a little while longer. How about you, are you looking forward to rising temperatures?

Black, white & denim Black, white & denim

Magdalena skirt via Lily and the Lady //JCrew knit // Mango denim jacket //Just in Case coat via Lily and the Lady (not on the site but drop us a line if you’re interested) // Miu Miu bag via Roermond Designer Outlet (read more about the outlet here) // Sam Edelman boots