Home Renovation: Green Hallway

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So, here I am with another update on the home renovation front! Back in november, I spent a long weekend painting every last inch of our hallway a deep green. It took me ages, not to mention a couple of mediocre romantic comedies in the background to get through this (This one was actually pretty good! This one was a bit weird, but I’m so into James McAvoy. This one was kinda meh). Anyway, I think I painted for about 36 hours. Three layers on the walls, ceiling, doors and skirting, and then a slight hiccup where I had to start over on the wood work. Phew.

Initially we wanted the wood and walls and ceilings all to be in the same colour. Also initially, we thought we’d paint the hallway some kind of grey blue. Serious contenders were Farrow & Ball’s Stiffkey blue and Levis’ Ijzerfabriek (both oh so pretty), but then along came our new artwork and we really wanted to connect the color of our hallway to the piece in some way. We decided on a deep green.

So we started looking for the perfect shade. Not an easy task, I tell you! In the end we headed to the store with one of Dieter’s sweaters so they could scan the colour and mix up the green paint we wanted. We got the exact same paint colour for the walls as the doors and skirting, but it ended up looking, well, not that great. While the colour was a very rich and deep green on the walls, it looked very cheap on the wood. So in the end we went back to the shop and got a darker shade, which ended up looking  a whole lot better.

Just a tip when your working with dark colours like this one, be patient and make sure you put on plenty of coats. Oh and preferably use a dark primer ( I didn’t)

I love how the dark green makes this butterfly from Animaux Spéciaux stand out!

Ready for the before and after? here it is:

Resources: Levis Ambiance mur extra mat colour M8.51.20 + Levis Ambiance lak M7.12.12  // Butterfly from Jeroen Lemaitre’s most awesome enterprise Animaux Spéciaux // Pantone Chairs (thrifted & vintage from the 1970s) //B&W picture from my grandparents // African statue from my other grandparents // Vintage lamp from Troc // Poster from the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin // Credenza from the thrift shop

PS1: The complete “before” of our house tour with the original coloured floors is here.

PS2: I really like how it turned out and really look forward to styling it more in the future.  I must say I kinda still miss the colour on the walls of our previous hallway. Just in case you missed it, it was this glorious teal below.