Inside Laura & Jelle’s Movie Mansion

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Laura and I, we go way back. We got really close when we were studying Communications at university together, but even before that, we went to the same high school and both acted in the school play during our senior year. She’s one of those people who is incredibly funny, smart and seems to have her life in place, at any moment (even when she doesn’t). She endured my endless ramblings when I’ve had my heart broken, she and I have danced on tables and had epic weekends by the seaside, but most of all we laugh together. She is hands down one of my funniest friends, and all my memories of her include tons of laughter.

About seven years ago, Laura met Jelle, and they’ve been together ever since. They both work in movies and TV and met on set, and a year ago they became the proud home owners of a house in the center of Leuven. Since the house was built from scratch, they completely chose the layout and materials themselves, resulting in a home completely matching their lifestyle and needs. The light filled rooms are all painted crisp white, the floors are dark, creating a perfect blank canvas to play around with.  Because if you ask me, the magic in this home is in the colorful and playful details. Mismatched chairs,  toy robots, movie posters, colorful cacti spread all around the house,… The things I love most are definitely their huge windows and…their cinema room. So high on my wishlist! Anyway, pictures say more than a thousand words, so here is Laura and Jelle’s lovely home! I dare you to spot all the movie references!