Home Renovation: Kitchen update

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Hi Guys! Wonderful news, well at least for me! My kitchen is about 99% done. The cabinets are installed and painted, the walls have had a fresh coat and it looks like a proper kitchen now. I almost can’t believe it. The only thing missing are two handles on the new cabinets, optimizing some of the storage by adding some extra shelves in one of the cupboards and we might add some tiles above the counter, but apart from that, well, it is pretty much done!

So let me walk you trough it. A lot has changed, but unlike our bathroom renovation, we decided to work with what we already had. What we had wasn’t that much though: fifties cupboards and yellow and terracotta tiles (You can see the before here)! Because of the floor we decided early on (as I told you in my inspiration post here) to keep our colour palette pretty simple: black, white & wood. In the end we decided to switch the black to very dark grey (Levis Clear Grey c80, to be exact), which feels a bit softer in real life. I’m really happy with the choices we made here, because the colours make the space feel a lot more contemporary. We wanted to keep the original elements but not have it feel too vintage.

We had some extra cupboards and shelving made in MDF and installed a new oak countertop, porcelain sink and an exhaust hood (You can see that step here). And then there was painting, a looot of painting. Anyway, here are the results! Curious to hear you thoughts!


The kitchen is actually George’s area, so I decided to so a very quick and easy DIY for the little guy. This is actually the box the bathroom sink arrived in. I nailed the top to the side, added a cat scratcher and a cork attached to a piece of rope. I half placed it under the table so he’d have a place to feel comfy and he absolutely loves it! Not pictured here (but I’ll write something about it in the future) is the cupboard where we placed George’s litter bin. It has an opening so he has easy access, yet it is out of sight for us!


So for those of you who are curious about the materials we used:

Levis clear grey c80  Mat from the Colour Mix  collection & Levis lak in white from the ambiance collection on the cupboards. Levis Ambiance mur extra mat on the walls.
Molnigt Exhaust Hood, Djomsö sinkEdsvik faucet & knife holder from Ikea.
Magazine rack from Hema.
Chalk board made by my grandfather (and it still has some glitter from my childhood days attached to it).
Vintage chairs & IKEA table from our previous living room.