Chop Chop

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After I chopped my hair shoulder length last year, I decided to go for a slightly bigger change this fall and have my favorite hairdresser in town Hiske  cut my hair a little shorter. After all, there is no better time than autumn a.k.a the dawn of the New Fashion Year, to embrace sartorial / beauty changes. Now that the initial shock is wearing off (my hair was getting quite long again), I’m happy with the decision of the short bob and excited to start playing around with how to style it.

I sometimes have a hard time letting things go (wardrobe cleanses are my personal hell (Hello, hoarder!)), so I think a little shock therapy every now and then is actually quite healthy! What about you guys? Do you feel like changing things up in your look when fall comes knocking?


Filippa K top // Acne Jeans // Hair by Hiske at Team Charlottalei (Charlottalei 36, Antwerp – 03 345 75 76)