Be Brave

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I recently got contacted by iconic brand Keds about their “So Brave” campaign, a worldwide campaign motivating young women to be brave in all aspects of their lives. It’s all about chasing dreams, changing the world and being yourself. The brand even gives out grants in the US, so young girls actually get to make their dreams come true!

I’ve always had a soft spot for the brand’s Champion sneaker, as it has been worn by many women I admire ranging from Audrey Hepburn to Emma Stone, women you’d quite literally wouldn’t mind following in their footsteps. They always look so effortless, confident and cool, making the Champion a staple piece in any girl’s wardrobe.


When I got that call and learned all about their story, I knew this was something right up my alley. I love how a brand that’s so popular with young women supports them in building their dreams while providing them with the armor to tackle everyday life.

I don’t really discuss it all that much in depth on the blog (except for here), but when I look at my own life, I think the bravest thing I did for myself was starting Lily and the Lady with my mom 4 years ago. Or actually, it’s getting up every day and continuing what we started. Because starting may feel like the hardest part sometimes, but I feel that dealing with the highs and lows afterwards is all the more complex. The Keds collaboration inspired me to share some of the tips I picked up along the way after 4 years of entrepreneurship, so stay tuned for that post soon!

In the meantime, I took my new pair of sneakers out for a spin last saturday. The burgundy leather is perfect for fall, don’t you think? I’ll sure be wearing these a lot in the coming months!



Mardi Jeudi Jacket // OMSK season blouse //Levi’s 501 cut offs // Keds sneakers // Lies Wambacq ring // & Other Stories bag

Pictures by Phebe Van Wijk