Home Renovation: More bathroom progress

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Since the last bathroom update, our shower and the sink have been installed, which make a world of difference. All that is left to do in the space is hang a shower curtain + curtain rod, the skirting board and paint. This is also the first time I show you a glimpse of our large custom made cabinet that blends in pretty nicely with the wall. I would recommend it to everyone who has a tendency to be messy (like me), it really prevents the space looking cluttered as I just stash everything behind doors.

Marble wall – statuarietto by Il Granito , Wash bassin – Sanico, Bath – Victoria & Albert, Faucets & shower – Tara series from Dornbracht – Mirror – Vintage from my grandparents


Oh, and just in case you forgot, here is the Before shot:

 Bathroom designed together with my amazing boyfriend / architect Dieter Vander Velpen.