5 tips for styling a leather sofa

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If you’ve seen snaps of our living room here, here or here, you might have noticed that we are the proud owners of a hefty chesterfield sofa. It’s an amazing piece, but I’ve found that a leather sofa can be a very difficult thing to work with. So here are 3 tips to add some balance to your living room!

5 tips for styling a leather sofa

1. Add some fabric.

I love leather, both in my wardrobe and in my decor. It’s durable, timeless and fancy. But the problem with leather is this: it’s not really cosy. And that’s what you eventually want from your sofa, right? An inviting place to rest at the end of a busy day. So there’s nothing like some well chosen fabric to cosy up your leather couch. Add some pillows, a throw, a nice carpet or a cow hide. Don’t be afraid to mix textures, print and colours.

2. Add some green.

There are few home dilemma’s  that  plants can’t solve, and this is no exception. A touch of green will add a splash of colour to your (probably neutral) couch. Never hurts!

3. Combine with elegant furniture.

Balance out your heavy sofa with some more elegant pieces. A table with metal legs, frames with a thin border, interesting standing lamps…

4. Consider moving your sofa away from the wall. 

If you have the space for it, and especially if it’s a larger piece, place it away from the wall. It creates a more open feeling in your room and the space will look larger, even if it’s just 20 cm from the wall. If it’s a special piece, like the sofa’s above, the space may need little more.

5. Opt for light walls

Don’t get me wrong, I totally dig luxurious, dark, eccentric spaces. But if you have a smaller house, try keeping the walls light and bright to balance the sofa.

Images via:  Ida Lindhag, My own living room, My favorite and my bestLucayan breeze,  Olsson & Jensen via An abundance of, My Scandinavian Home