Home Renovation: Living Room Progress

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Here’s the current state of our living room! I’m quite impatient when it comes to decorating our home, so I mostly see the things that still need to be done. Looking back on how the space once looked, we’ve come a long way though! The floors are completely different and the massive bookshelves have been taken down (we keep our books in the office), we’ve done some paint work (though there is still a lot that needs a new coat) and there are shelves for our media storage next to the fireplace (though they’ll be redone on tuesday, but I will spare you the details).

A while back, I also refinished our coffee table. The colour used to be the exact same shade as the new floor, which made it very heavy, especially with our chesterfield sofa right next to it. I completely sanded it and refinished it a few tints lighter, and since then I feel there’s a lot more balance in the room already.

Curious about the “before” pics? Find them right here.

(Pardon the dusty floors btw, there’s still some work going on in the bathroom ;))