Home renovation: Kitchen progress

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As you may have noticed, it’s been kind of quiet over here. It feels like I have been going “harder, better, faster, stronger” for the past six months and oh boy has it caught up with me! I’ve been a bit of a fool to believe that I could ignore signals from my body and just keep going without paying the price.

So as a consequence, I had to hit the breaks the past month. I really needed to catch up on a lot of Lily and the Lady business, and then there were migraines, tying up loose ends at the old apartment, arranging stuff at the new place, some very nice press features and taking a much needed night off to dance with friends.

In the meantime here are some snaps from our kitchen the way it looks now. There is still a lot of painting to be done (on the cabinets and the walls) and the carpentry isn’t finished, but for now I’m pretty happy with it! See the before pictures here.

DSC_8008 DSC_8012 DSC_8013 DSC_8021




DSC_8000 DSC_8001bis