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A couple of weeks ago, Antwerp based jewelry brand Diamanti Per Tutti asked me to interview and photograph a fellow blogger. And another blogger would in her turn also interview and photograph me. The idea was that you could ask 5 questions, and you can ask anything! I was pretty happy to hear that I got to interview Annebeth Bels from The Styling Dutchman, first of all because I don’t know her all too well and this was an excellent excuse to pick her brain, and second of all: you really can’t take a bad picture of Annebeth. (Considering the fact that I was sick as a dog when this all happened, I think the result is nearly a masterpiece.)

You can find my portrait over at The Merrymakers, and tomorrow, Annebeth will publish the portrait she made of LenaLena. But first, here are my 5 questions for Annebeth!

5 Questions for Annebeth

1. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Realistically, a journalist or a lawyer. Unrealistically, a pirate or a vampire. I like to think I’m pretty close.

2. Name three things you would never throw away.

The circle of life ring my boyfriend gave me for our ten year anniversary. And that’s honestly all, I hardly ever get attached to things, or places for that matter.

3. Annebeth, you are a self-proclaimed feminist (and hurray for that!). Can you tell us what feminism means to you?

Finding feminism was a eureka moment for me, really. So many experiences and thoughts I’d had all clicked into place, so in a way feminism has helped me grow by affirming me as a person.

4. If you could have a conversation with one famous person (dead or alive), who would it be and what would you want to talk about?

I’m actually apprehensive about meeting idols because meeting the human behind the ideal can only reduce your awe. I’m going to be a rebel and name three, though: Tavi Gevinson because she’s my idol in the professional field, Lady Gaga because I wrote my Master’s dissertation on her, and Kevin Bacon because I really want to have sex with him.

5. When it comes to jewelry, do you prefer understated pieces or statement pieces and why?

Definitely understated. Through the years I have tried so many trends, and I’ve gotten tired of every piece I’ve acquired except the simple things that are beautiful in their pure form, stripped from any sort of excess, yet elevated by what they mean to me.

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