home renovation

 //Sadly, the floors we uncovered could not be renovated//

Since I showed you guys the pictures of my new home about a month ago, so much has changed already. We have new floors! The floors are coloured! We no longer have a bathroom (uh oh)! The electrician has stopped by for various alterations and the stucco in the bathroom has dried up nicely. We also started painting, our tub was delivered and the bassin was delivered in pieces. Tomorrow, the carpenters are coming! High time to show some “work in progress” pictures!

Home renovation: Progress

Home renovation: Progress  

// Making a mock up of our dining room table to see where our lights should be//

DSC_7254Home renovation: Progress  Home renovation: Progress Home renovation: Progress

//Our clawfoot tub!//

home renovation Home renovation

Pictures by me & Dieter

Thanks a million to our helping hands, you know who you are ;)