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Let’s rewind a little and give you some background info on my blogging history! Back in 2006, I published my first post ever on the popular (and award winning) blog Asfaltkonijn. I was 19 years old and it was a completely different time. Blogging was still considered very geeky, and not in a sexy way. These were the days you blogged under a pseudonym, pictures were tiny and the blogging world consisted out of a handful of people. And on that day in november of 2006, there I was, as the only girl blogger in a group of boys. That first article took me ages to publish, even though it consisted of 3 sentences and a very low res picture.


We had so much fun at the time. We threw parties, suited up for events, had our own T-shirts and balloons and even made our own energy drinks. And, drumroll, my boyfriend (of almost 6 years) was the founder of Asfaltkonijn, so I guess it is fair to say I owe a lot to blogging.

Ella & Louise Weekend Blog Awards 2013

© Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

After these first steps, I was bitten by the internet bug. I started Dit Geheel Terzijde with one of my best friends, was part of the Belmodo writing staff for 5 years and founded the award winning fashion blog Ella & Louise with Marijs. I even made my internet obsession into my fulltime job when I founded Lily and the Lady together with my mom.

Blogging Business workshop

I thought it was about time I’d share my experiences after all these years of blogging. Want to learn from my successes and mistakes? You can on march 6th in Antwerp! I’ll be one of the speakers at Blogging Business, a series of workshops organized by Gitzwart.  The focus of my workshop is on creative content and keeping your integrity while working with brands. I’ll also talk about my webshop and obviously, you get to ask some questions!

I’m in good company as well! Stéphanie (70% pure) will be talking about her blogging collabs, Herman (Daily Bits) will teach you about the technical side of things & SEO and Tom (Woonblog) will tell you how to broaden your public and give you a behind the scenes look of the Woonboek!

Win a ticket!

I get to hand out one ticket to a lucky reader today! So be quick and send an e-mail to with “No Glitter No Glory” and “Blogging Business” in the subject line before 18:00 today (13.02.2014). The winner will be announced later today. Tickets are available here. Hope to see you there!

Edit: There was an error in the e-mail address on thursday, so we decided to give you some extra time to participate to win the ticket: E-mail  to with “No Glitter No Glory” and “Blogging Business” in the subject line before 18:00 today (17.02.2014)