Stéphanie Duval for Diamanti Per Tutti

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When the lovely Stéphanie from 70 Percent Pure shared her very own collection for Belgian jewelry brand Diamanti Per Tutti, I immediately fell in love with the Prism necklace she designed. Diamanti Per Tutti offers affordable jewelry combining real diamonds with timeless yet fashionable designs. What’s in a name, right?

With its geometric shapes and tiny diamond detail, the Prism Necklace is totally my style, and available in rose gold, something I had been looking for for a while. Temptation struck instantly.

Then a few weeks ago, Stéphanie invited me to the blogger dinner she hosted for Diamanti Per Tutti, one of the most intimate and cosy events I have ever attended! We talked, we ate, we laughed and we got to know the kind people behind the brand. After dinner, we discovered the Diamanti Per Tutti collection the best way possible: by trying it on! So long story short: say a warm welcome to my new rose gold friend, proof that there really is such a thing as love at first sight!

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