10 Marble Objects for the Home

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Now that the Big Move is coming closer, the decorating game has begun! The boyfriend is somewhat of a marble addict (exhibit A) and I have to say that I’ve also started to love the idea of integrating marble in our home. In my humble opinion, yes it can be a little tacky, but if you use it right, it’s just such a luxurious and amazing material. There’s a big chance we’ll be using it in our office and maybe our bathroom will fall prey to this recent addiction as well. I love the idea of big chunks of marble on the walls and floors, but if your not planning a renovation soon or are on a tight budget, it is obviously easier to start with some objects. Mighty time for some inspiration, no?


1. Julia Kostreva day planner, $24

2. Marble wallpaper from Ferm Living, $103,50 via All Modern

3. Bookends from Field

4. Marble candle holder, $59,95 via House & Hold

5. Pillow by Ferm living, €54 via Mister Design

6. ‘Tuamotu’ Marble gas cooktop by Food Work

 7. Marble Art Print, $18 via Society 6

8. Marble light fixture by Studio Vit

9. Marble print chopping board, $35 via Kollekt

10. ‘Elementare’ by Opinion Ciatti

Image sources: Source unknow, found here, Source unknown, found here, House of PhiliaGlitter inc, Petra Bindel, Unknown Marble light fixture by Studio Vit , ‘Elementare’ by Opinion Ciatti, ‘Tuamotu’ Marble gas cooktop by Food Work

PS: If you’re looking for a marble tray Hay has some in different sizes!