First Cup by Coffeeklatch and LMBRJK

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Last week I headed over to Het Eilandje here in Antwerp for the launch of “First cup”, a collaboration between the creative folks over at Coffeeklatch and LMBRJK. They clicked during an interview and this all lead to the development of their unique product celebrating the ritual of the first cup of coffee in the morning. That product is a handmade wooden cup, accompanied by their very own roast. Making that first cup of coffee very special indeed. An interview with Magali from Coffeeklatch for the occasion!


Congrats on your first product launch! I understand this is the result of another great Coffeeklatch, you guys and LMBRJK clicked so much you wanted to make something together? How did that happen?

“When we were doing the Coffeeklatch interview, the four of us felt a strong connection. We had so much to talk about that we ended up spending the whole day together. At some point we started talking about a collaboration and since coffee brought us together in the first place, we played around with that idea, resulting in the release of First Cup.”

You guys have been very secretive about what the product is exactly. Did you come up with the actual product during your Coffeeklatch?

“No, not quite. Jon has been working really hard looking for the right wood, the right treatment and insert. The product had to be food safe, which turned out to be quite the challenge. It went from tossing some ideas around to the final production. We were involved in every stage of the process. It was the first time we developed a product, which was challenging and very exciting.”

Do you see more projects like this in your future?

“Yes, most definitely. We love to collaborate with people whose work we admire. When you have a common ground, it’s all worth the while.”

The product is all about the ritual of your first cup of coffee in the morning. Can you describe to me what that ritual means to you? How do you like to drink your coffee/ how do you make your coffee/ what kind of “tools” do you like to use…

“No matter where we are, we always crave for fresh grinded coffee beans. We’re hooked on using the Bialetti. I’m a morning person and Bart clearly isn’t, so every morning I try to wake him up with fresh coffee.”

What are your 3 favourite coffee bars in the world?

“I don’t have favourite coffee post. I love to have coffee in my home, with my man, my friends and my cats, while flipping through magazines.”

First Cup is available online.

Pictures (c) Coffeeklatch