All The Small Things

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In the spirit of new beginnings, I’ve decided to rename “On my mind”  “All the small things”. Because that’s essentially what I want to share here: the small things in life that make me happy! Plus it’s a chance to name something after a Blink 182 song. This is what’s been making me smile lately.

1. Lily and the Lady pops up at Snip.Snip

On sunday, my online shop turned into an offline one for a day last sunday at Snip.Snip! I had so much fun and it was a real success, I’m still buzzing a bit!  You can find more pictures here!

Lily and the Lady pops up at Snip.Snip, Antwerp

Lily and the Lady at Snip.Snip pop up

Lily and the lady pop up store at Snip.Snip, Antwerp

 Pictures (c) Nathalie De Schepper

2. The cute cups Cara gave me

My dear friend Cara is the queen of Vintage, as I already told you here. For my birthday, she gave me some vintage teacups that are both futuristic and nostalgic. Makes drinking coffee even better!


3. New Essie nail polish

You rarely catch me without nail polish, but the past few weeks I thought I give my nails a break. This weekend I “rewarded” myself with a bright new Essie polish called “Rosebowl”. Luurv.


4. Castello Cavalcanti

I already posted this one on my facebook page but I thought it deserved another mention: the new Wes Anderson for Prada Fashion Film is amazing.

5. Tablebooker app


One of the things I loved about living in London when we went out for dinner, was the fact that you could make a reservation online for nearly every restaurant. We would even book a table up to an hour before, jump on the bus and go. No fuss, you immediately know if there’s room for you or not. Since I’ve moved to Antwerp, I’ve noticed that this has gotten a lot harder. Try getting a reservation for a small group of people just a few days in advance: you end up calling restaurants for 45 minutes (been there). No fun. Enter Tablebooker, a new iPhone app that immediately shows you which restaurants still have room to seat you and your party. Tablebooker is the first Belgian app for realtime reservations, and you can even let the restaurant know in the comments that you have food restrictions. What a blessing for people like me!


The launch of this app was celebrated at Brasserie Wouter with a traditional and very yummy Belgian meal. Hope to go back there sometime soon!

Tablebooker-app- Nathalie approves!

P.S. The android version of the app is coming, but in the meantime, Tablebooker has a good responsive site (Believe me, I checked :))

  • Hannelore
    November 20, 2013

    Oh ik vind het zo jammer dat ik niet tot in je pop-up shop geraakt ben, so much thesis to write and so little time 🙁 Zag er echt mooi uit!

    • Patricia
      November 20, 2013

      Thanks! There’s always next time 😉 (allez hopelijk he!) Hoe lukt het met de thesis? Veel succes ermee! 🙂 x

  • Dress your life.
    November 20, 2013

    Ja ik vind het ook heel jammer dat we er niet zijn geraakt 🙁
    Wat een coole nieuwe app seg!
    Naomi, x

  • Laura
    November 25, 2013

    Oh, ik hou van posts zoals deze! Een mix van allerlei dingen, zo heb ik het graag! Jammer dat ik nu pas over je offline- shop lees, ik was graag eens langsgekomen met mijn mama, die shopt af en toe bij jullie 😉

    • Patricia
      November 25, 2013

      Oh echt? Zo cool!!! Ook altijd heel welkom bij ons in Binkom he! En ik denk dat er in het voorjaar wel een nieuwe zal aankomen die iets langer blijft 🙂

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