Fashion Talks

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Tomorrow I’m attending “Fashion Talks” , a Fashion conference hosted by FFI  in De Waagnatie in Antwerp. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since it was announced and  I’m very eager to hear the international speakers on matters that are currently evolving in the industry.

I think I’m  most excited to hear Imran Amed speak, he’s the founder of Business of Fashion as well as a consultant and I really admire his work. But there’s also the likes of Tim Blanks, Concetta Lanciaux Jo Jackson  and Chris Snyder. These names may not ring a bell, but do check out their resumés and get ready to be intimidated. I’m almost forgetting the talent from Belgian soil like Veerle Windels, Walter Van Beirendonck and Christian Wijnants. I promise that afterwards, I’ll report back!

I kind of feel like I’m going back to London College of Fashion for the first time. And I am so ready to be inspired.