Mary Katrantzou resort 2014

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Mary Katrantzou is most definitely one of my favorite designers of the moment. I think that what she does is mindblowing, and although it started out as highly conceptual, her looks become more wearable by the season. Take this resort collection for instance: same amazing prints and (from the looks of it) fabrics, still structured, and yet you’re not walking around in a lampshade skirt. Don’t get me wrong, I think the idea and look are great, but imagine sitting down and trying to fit that piece of art under the table. Exactly.

While we’re on the topic of Mary Katrantzou: I forgot to share this picture that was taken by the very talented Elizabeth from A Polaroid Story at Smets Premium Store a while back. The Idea was to style a look with the pieces in store and I didn’t have to think twice: Mary Katrantzou dress, Carven jacket and (what else) Proenza Schouler bag. If it wasn’t for the pricetag, I would have taken that dress home.  

Pictures by Mary Katrantzou via Vogue.

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